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9th SAHC International Conference


The 9th SAHC took place at Mexico City, between 14 and 17 October, 2014.

The main topic of the conference is related to the concept of environment, which receives increasing attention, and is attractive to the governmental authorities and societies.

Innovative ideas are expected about the reuse of Historical Constructions, respecting their character of heritage and, at the same time, addressing current requirements for safety and comfort. Aspects considering the use of non-environmentally aggressive materials, life-cycle analysis and sustainability will be welcome.

The scientific program includes parallel sessions and poster session. Keynote lectures by leading experts and promising young researchers will be presented.

SAHC – 2014 will bring together scientists, engineers, designers, architects and conservators who will present conservation, research, theories, doctrines and achievements.

The conference topics will be:

1. Conservation of the 20th architectural heritage
2. Adobe and vernacular constructions
3. Foundation and geotechnical problems
4. Structural assessment and intervention of archaeological sites
5. Theory and practice of conservation
6. Non-destructive testing, inspection and structural monitoring techniques
7. Repair and strengthening techniques
8. Analytical and numerical approaches
9. In-situ and laboratory experimental results
10. Innovative and traditional materials
11. Seismic behavior and retrofitting
12. Rehabilitation, re-use and valorization of cultural heritage buildings
13. Case Studies