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Seminar - Intervening in Existent Timber Constructions


The University of Minho organized the Seminar "Intervir em Construções Existentes de Madeira" (Intervening in existing timber constructions) on the 5th June 2014, that took in the University of Minho auditoriums, Guimarães, Portugal (

This seminar intends to pose as a discussion forum about ideas and solutions in the domain of the intervention in existing timber constructions, with the presentation of the best practices and available new solutions for the conservation and maintenance of timber constructions, ensuring high levels of performance, energetic efficiency and sustainability of the built heritage.

The seminar is open to architects, engineers, professionals in the field of construction and all interested in the thematic of timber structures, from the traditional solutions to the use of innovative wood based materials and technologies, and also for timber designers either responsible for the management and supervision of onsite works, as well as to the those involved in teaching or research activities.
Special conditions are considered for students.

The seminar will count with the participation of several national and international experts and communications will consider, among other themes, the national situation in the sector of conservation and maintenance of the timber building stock, including the study of the material, maintenance and durability, the seismic behaviour, strengthening of the structural systems and the use of new materials and technological advances in the preservation of timber structures. Several cases, both national and international, will be presented.

A technical exhibition, with the most recent material and technological developments, will also take place during the seminar.