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AdjustMEMBRANE- Adjustable partition membrane


The objective of this project is the development of a new material / system, using innovative reinforcement fibers, as 3D or DOS textile structures, with some porosity to guarantee acoustic absorption, thermal insulation, hygroscopic and thermal inertia, eventually complemented with integrated PCMs, but also incorporating several functional agents on the matrix (polymer) in order to guarantee properties such as anti-fungus and self-cleaning.

This investigation also expects to contribute on knowledge development at project level, by the definition of a methodology for structural and functional demands integration that explore the limits of optimization, using existing software tools for predicting mechanical, thermal, acoustic and lighting performances. Apart from conventional structural support elements in steel or timber, the use of pneumatic membrane trusses will also be pondered, in order to achieve even more lightweight dividing panels, thus more portable e adaptable to diverse uses and situations. Typological aspects will also be explored, regarding thermal, acoustic and lighting zoning, conducting to the interior housing spaces occupancy in relation to comfort levels (protection, demands) admitted to each use. The influence of the use of furniture for this protection will also be taken into account, and also as partition elements per se, as in some cases they can fulfil this double function. As final objective it is expected to obtain solutions where useful area and gross area are closer, in such a way that partition can be moveable and even portable, as household furniture.

Reference: PTDC/AURAQI/102321/2008

Date: 2010-2013

Partner Institutions: Territory, Environment and Construction Research Centre (C-TAC), Institute for Sustainability and Innovation in Structural Engineering (ISISE).