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Improved and innovative techniques for the diagnosis and monitoring of historical masonry


In this project, promoted by University of Minho, a Portuguese team from Civil and Electronic Departments of University of Minho are developing and improving several non-destructive techniques and inspection methods for adequately diagnosing historical masonry. One objective aims at improving the acquisition system and processing of sonic data by automating readings and increase the volume of data acquired simultaneously.

Additionally, it intends to develop a new technique based on the geoelectrical technique, but developed exclusively for use in old masonry. Moreover, it intends to improve the widely known flatjack technique by a new one, constituted by tubes, in order to surpass the flatjack´s limitations. Finally, this project intends to explore the potential of global damage identification and monitoring, through which it will be possible to identify the locations were damages or defects occurred during its lifespan.

Reference: PTDC/ECM/104045/2008

Date: 2010-2013

Partner institutions: Institute for Sustainability and Innovation in Structural Engineering (ISISE), Centro Algoritmi (Algoritmi/UM).