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INSYSME - Innovative systems for earthquake resistant masonry enclosures in RC buildings


The project aims at developing innovative systems for a wide range of masonry enclosures, by improving their overall technological performances and in particular those related to the earthquake behaviour. The project also aims at developing sound design rules, in order to update national and European standards and to make engineering design easier and more reliable. To reach these goals, the project is structured into two main steps, in a three-year time.

In the first step, new construction systems for enclosure walls will be developed, and their technical and economic feasibility will be assessed performing parallel experimental and numerical studies. The progress towards successful completion of this phase will constitute a milestone for the subsequent project prosecution. In the subsequent step, on the basis of the obtained experimental and numerical results, design methods for this kind of elements will be developed, and the proposed solutions will be completely validated by demonstrations of design and construction of prototype walls in real buildings. Procedures for quality assessment through on-site testing, software for design and guidelines for end-users, will ensure full usability of the developed knowledge and technologies.

Financing Institution: Comissão Europeia

Promoting Institution: Universidade de Padova

Partner Institutions: Ruredil S.p.A., SDA-engineering GmbH, Tiles and Bricks Europe (TBE), Andil Assolaterizi, CTCV, APICER, TUKDER, Ziegel, Vavouliotis – Gounaris - Mitakis S.A., SCI H.I. Struct S.R.L., University of Kassel, University of Pavia, National Technical University of Athens, University of Minho, Middle East Technical University

Silva, L., Vasconcelos, G. Lourenço, P.B. Innovative systems for earthquake resistant masonry enclosures in rc buildings – Insysme preliminary work at university of Minho, 6th International Conference on Mechanics and Materials in Design, 26-30 July, Azores, 2015. (Accepted for publication).

Vasconcelos, G., Lourenço, P.B. Soluções para paredes de alvenaria de enchimento com comportamento melhorado à acção sísmica, Construção Magazine, nº 64, pp. 52-53, 2014.