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REABEPA: Structural rehabilitation of masonry walls in old buildings


After the devastating earthquake in 1755 which destroyed Downtown Lisbon, the city was rebuilt adopting an innovative construction, Pombalino buildings. These buildings consist of outer load bearing masonry walls and internal half-timbered shear walls. Since little information is available on the effectiveness of these constructions and many rehabilitation projects are currently under way, it is important to assess the seismic capacity of these structures. The aim of this project is to study these traditional shear walls in order to assess their seismic behaviour and propose retrofitting techniques for rehabilitation purposes.

Reference: FCT / PTDC/ECM/100168/2008

Date: 2010-2013

Financing Institution(s): Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology

Promoting Institution(s): Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal

Partner Institutions: Technical University of Lisbon, University of Minho, LNEC