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Reducing the vulnerability of cultural heritage buildings to blast loading: CH-SECURE


This project focus on cultural heritage buildings, which possess specific problems associated with a high vulnerability, very high hazard and low damage limits in renderings due to the capacity to accommodate small deformations. The present work ranges from risk assessment to elaboration of recommendations, through experimental testing and applications.

By learning from blast effects, both strengthening measures and recommendations will be proposed, to prevent sudden collapse and damage, enabling people to evacuate the buildings before failure and reduce casualties, and protect the value of the culture heritage. Significant contributions will be made with this work respecting to: (a) risk assessment methodologies and applications; (b) experimental characterization of historic materials and structural components; (c) design criteria and design rules; (d) innovative usage of controlled airblast for dynamic identification of structures and indication of weak structural and non-structural elements. With this work it is intended to introduce this topic, which has a considerable lack of experience, at a national level, allowing future developments.

Reference: PTDC/ECM/120118/2010

Date: 2012-2015

Instituições parceiras: Mechanical & Materials Technologies Centre (CT2M); Laboratory of Energetics and Detonics (LEDAP)