Systematisation of seismic mitigation planning at urban scale


Viana, D. L.; Lima, A.; Carlos, G. D.; Gomes, F.; Correia, M. R.; Lourenço, Paulo B.; Varum, H.

This chapter explores the relation between the seismic mitigation planning that was developedto contribute to minimise effects at urban scale, which arise within the seismic impact. In this sense, it deepensthe notion that interdependence, solidarity and cohesion of the different morphological constituents promotea better prepared built fabric, when facing catastrophic phenomena of seismic origin. Preventive approachesand reactive measures arising from the testimony of earthquake-resistant culture in Portugal are alsomentioned. From the recognition of the importance of local know-how, infers a set of logical that evidenceconditions to transcend the respective vernacular context, making it possible to generically systematize them.