WG1 technical report: Performance indicators for roadway bridges of COST Action 1406


Strauss, A.; Ivankovic, A. Mandic; Matos, José C.; Casas, J. R.

[Excerpt] SCOPE: In the past few years, significant worldwide research has been done regarding condition assessment of roadway bridges, namely through the use of non-destructive tests, monitoring systems and visual inspection techniques. Obtained values, which provide information regarding the assessed bridge state condition, are then compared with previously established goals. As a result, there are currently several methodologies to evaluate bridge condition. A similar problem was addressed with roadway pavements in the past. Although this was a worldwide problematic, in Europe it was solved through COST Action 354 (performance indicators for pavements). More recently, the concept of performance indicator was introduced, simplifying communication between consultants, operators and owners. However, large deviations continue to exist on how these indicators are obtained and, therefore, specific actions should be undertaken in order to standardize this procedure. It is verified that Quality Control (QC) plans should always address the assessed performance indicators and pre-specified goals. However, these latter values are even more difficult to obtain as they are highly subjective. (...)