Structural assessment of Companhia Aurífícia, a 19th century industrial building located in northern Portugal


Guzman Corredor, Angela; Facelli, Giulia; Gowda, Chandan Chinnagiri; Roldam Zamarron, Emilio; Valente, Isabel B.; Branco, Jorge M.

Industrial heritage; Portuguese industrialization; Site inspection; Material characterization; Cast iron columns; Timber trusses; Masonry walls; Safety assessment; Strengthening

Companhia Aurifícia is located in Porto, Portugal, and was founded in 1864. It was a pioneer factory in the industrial production, casting, rolling and stamping of metallic objects and laboured for about 150 years, in areas as jewellery, manufacture of parts in silver and gold or the production and casting of various metals. In 1866, it began labouring in Rua dos Bragas, its present location, and in 2003 ceased all activities.Companhia Aurifícia is an industrial complex including several buildings, all located in the same block. It is a precious example of the industrial architecture in Porto, where the still existent retaining walls, structures, machinery and decorative elements, make it one of the last examples of nineteenth century industrial life of the city.The present work aims to evaluate the safety condition of one of the buildings included in this industrial complex, in order to propose the necessary strengthening interventions.