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IB2MAC 1967

1st International Brick and Block Masonry Conference

Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

30-02 November-December 1967



Organizing Committee:

Dr. John J. McKetta

College of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin - U.S.A.


Professor J. Neils Thompson

Civil Engineering Dept.; Balcones Research Center at The University of Texas at Austin


Dr. Franklin B. Johnson

Chairman of the Department of Architectural Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin


Clayford T. Grimm

Executive Director of Clay Products Association of the Southwest in Austin, Texas





Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 72-86856
Eds: Franklin B. Johnson:

The creative challenge of masonry


[001]     Edward W. Angerer:
Appeal and potential of the polyfunctional characteristics of engineered brickwork

[002]     Charles E. Firestone:
Structural glazed masonry units

[003]     Dr. P. T. Mikluchin:
Morphotectonics of masonry structures

[004]     Thomas E. Woodward:
Design potential of masonry bearing walls

Materials science relevant to structure


[005]     Dallas G. Grenley:
Study of the effect of certain modified mortars on compressive and flexural strength of masonry

[006]     Prof. Hubert K. Hilsdorf:
Investigation into the failure mechanism of brick masonry loaded in axial compression

[007]     Albert W. Isberner:
Properties of masonry cement mortars

[008]     Dr. Franklin B. Johnson and Prof. J. Neils Thompson:
Development of diametral testing procedures to provide a measure of strength characteristics of masonry assemblages

[009]     Dr. D. Lenczner:
Creep in model brickwork

[010]     Dr. P. T. Mikluchin:
Rheological behaviour of masonry structures

[011]     Dr. R.N.S. Rao:
Experimental investigation on structural performance of brick masonry prisms

[012]     M Schupack and A. McDonald:
High strength adhesive mortar in concrete masonry structural systems

[013]     V.A. Youl and Dr. P.K. Foster:
Miniature tensile and panel flexure properties of brickwork

Structural performance


[014]     Donald E. Anderson and Edward S. Hoffman:
Design of brick masonry columns

[015]     R.E. Bradshaw and Prof. A . W. Hendry:
Preliminary crushing tests on storey- height cavity walls

[016]     Walter L. Dickey:
Reinforced masonry revisited, ten years later

[017]     Dallas G. Grenley, Louis E. Cattaneo, and Edward O. Pfrang:
Effect of edge load on flexural strength of clay masonry systems utilizing improved mortars

[018]     Prof. P. Haller:
Load capacify of brick masonry

[019]     Dr. Franklin B. Johnson and Prof. J. Neils Thompson:
Correlation of tests of Masonry assemblages with strength characteristics of reinforced masonry beams

[020]     Clarence B. Monk, Jr.:
Column action of clay masonry walls

[021]     Ing. Henri Motteau:
Research on load-bearing masonry in Belgum since 1963

[022]     Dr. J. C. Scrivener:
Static racking tests on concrete masonry walls

[023]     B.P. Sinha and Prof. A. W. Hendry:
Racking tests on storey-height shear-wall structures with openings , subjected to precompression

[024]     R.J. Wass and D.J. Turner:
A prestressed clay masonry floor

[025]     John S. Gero:
Prestressed masonry-reinforced concrete space structure

[026]     Dr. N.F. Astbury and H.W.H. West:
Tests on storey-height brickwork panels and development of site control test for brickwork

Structural interaction


[027]     C. Carter and Dr. B. Stafford Smith:
Structural behavior of masonry infilled frames subjected to racking loads

[028]     Nat W. Krahl and Harry S. Ransom:
Case study of brick used as floor and roof structure

[029]     Dr. Dimitrij Pume:
Structural performance of c1ay tile wall panels

[030]     Prof. G.S. Ramaswamy:
Funicular brick shell roofs for industrial buildings

[031]     Svenn Risager:
Structural behavior of linear elastic walls having no tensile strength

[032]     Sven Sahlin:
Interaction of brick masonry walls and concrete slabs

[033]     A.J.M. Soane:
Interaction of brickwork walls and concrete floors under lateral load

[034]     Kenneth Thomas:
Current post-tensioned and prestressed brickwork and ceramics in Great Britain

[035]     David Watstein and P. V Johnson:
Experimental determination of eccentricity of floor loads applied to a bearing wall

[036]     J. W. Howard, R .B. Hockaday, and Wm. K. Soderstrum:
Effect of manufacturing and construction variables on durability and compressive strength of brick masonry

Design methodology


[037]     R.E. Bradshaw and D. Foster:
Assessment of British design methods of calculated brickwork

[038]     W. G. Curtin and A. W. Hendry:
Design and construction of slender wall brickwork buildings

[039]     R.M. Gensert and U. Kirsis:
Engineering evaluation for East Liberty Plaza

[040]     I.L. Holmes:
Masonry building in high intensity seismic zones

[041]     James G. Gross and Robert D. Dikkers:
Building code requirements relating to load-bearing brick masonry

[042]     Dr. P. T. Mikluchin:
Design of tall masonry buildings with complex layout

[043]     Harry C. Plummer:
Modular coordination in the U.S.

[044]     R.J.M Sutherland:
Design engineer's approach to masonry construction

Case studies


[045]     Orville G. Anderson:
Hemispheric brick planetarium

[046]     M.R. Cochran:
Retaining wall for North Carolina's Death Valley

[047]     Walter L. Dickey:
Seismic resistant reinforced masonry naval barracks

[048]     George C. Hanson:
Park Mayfair East

[049]     B.A. Hazeltine:
Some load-bearing brick buildings in England

[050]     H. Lechner:
Special quality brick masonry multistory apartment houses built in Switzerland

[051]     J.G. Stockbridge and Prof A. W. Hendry:
Case studies and critical evaluation of high-rise load-bearing brickwork in Britain

[052]     Thomas E. Woodward:
Jayhawker Apartment Towers



[053]     Jorgen Bryrup:
Development of structural day facing wall panels in Denmark

[054]     Don Halsell:
Bricklayer training in the U.S.

[055]     Ilia Mitev and Rocen Malchev:
Some investigations concerning design, technology, and test of cored brick panels

[056]     G. V. Zenobi and D. Szerdahelyi:
14-story buildings in Switzerland with brick wall elements prefabricated by Preton process

[057]     Donald A. Wakefield:
Prefabricated brick panels in Colorado