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IB2MAC 2000

12th International Brick and Block Masonry Conference

Madrid, Spain

25-28 June 2000



Organizing Committee:

J.M. Adell



R. Astudillo



A. Castrillo



L. Villanueva



A.J. Más-Guindal



J. Monjo



R. Salgado







Model testing


[001]     Drobiec L., Jasinski R., Kubica J. (Poland):
Influences of Shape and Size Specimen elements on load capacity and deformation of reinforced day brick masonry under compression

[002]     Doherty, K; Grffith, M; Lam, N; Wilson, J; (Australia):
Displacement-Based Seismic Design of Brick Masonry Walls in Bending

[003]     Bingels, P.R.; Brocks, J.J.; Forth, J.P.; Bremmer, A; (United Kingdom):
Moisture expansion of Fletton Clay Brickwork Panels

[004]     Ingham J.M., Laursen, P.T., Voon, K.C., Zhong Yi (New Zealand):
Material testing supporting a study of Prestressed Concrete Masonry

[005]     Bosiljkov V. , Zarnic R., Bokan-Bosiljkov V. (Slovenia):
Shear Tests of the URM Panels Made from Different Types of Mortar -an Experimental Study

[006]     Duarte R.B., (Brazil):
An Analysis of Brickwork Behaviour in Bi-Axial Bending

[007]     Hughes T.G., Kitching N. (United Kingdom):
Small Scale Testing of Masonry

[008]     Sutcliffe, D., Yu H.S., Page A. W.:
Limit Analysis of Anisotropic or jointed Media - Application to Unreinforced Masonry Shear walls

[009]     Adell J.M., Gonzalez Bravo, Laheras-Merino (Spain):
Horizontal Flexural tests on bed joint reinforced duplex cavity walls (DCW)

[010]     Molnar M. (Sweden):
In-plane tension behaviour of horizontally loaded masonry - an Experimental and Numerical Study

[011]     Gonzalez Bravo C., Adell J.F., Laceras F. (Spain):
The diagonal contribution in Duplex Cavity Walls

[012]     Adell J .M., Gonzalez Bravo C. (Spain):
Allwall Clay Brick PlateTest

[013]     Hagsten L.G., Nielsen M.P. (Denmark):
Laterally Loaded Masonry

[014]     Zeus K. (Germany):
Load Capacity of Masonry Out of Flat Bricks and Cover Up Thin Layer Mortars

[015]     Ramalho M.A., Capuzzo Neto V., Correa M.R.S. (Brazil):
Theorical and Experimental Study of Intersecting Bonded Walls Under Vertical Loads

[016]     Camacho, J.S., Bertolino R., Andolfato R.P. (Brazil):
An Experimental Investigation of Correlations Between Prototypes and Small-Scale Modeling of Ceramic Block Masonry

[017]     Gonzalez A.A., Grether Lanza R.O., Ulibarrie Luciani N.O., Defagot C.A. (Argentina):
Shrinkage Cracking in Cellular Concrete Blocks Masonry Units

[018]     Meyer U. (Germany):
In Plane Shear strength of clay unit Mansory- recent German test result

[019]     Cortes Liendo A., Esteban A., De Lorenzo A., Salazar E. (Spain):
Technological Innovations in Acoustics Test Laboratories

[020]     Huang Y.,Chuxian S. (China):
Test Research of Composite Structure

[021]     Wei-Liang J., Quanbiao X. (China):
Control on Temperature Craks of Concrete Hollow Pint-Sized Block Building in China

[022]     Veiga R.M., Carvalho, F., Sousa H. (Portugal):
Experimental Evaluation of Watertightness of Single Leaf Walls

[023]     Wolfram J., Pohle F. (Germany):
Shear-Compression Tests on Sandstone Masonry

[024]     Anand S. (USA):
Freeze-Thaw Test Procedures and Masonry Durability - Some Questions

[025]     Roman, H. R., Mohamad, G., Santos(Brazil):
Mechanical Behaviour of concrete blocks prisms at failure

[026]     De Vekey, B. (UK):
An investigation of breakout damage of mansory by hammer-action drills

General concepts and Historical data


[027]     Walker P. Moran J.C.:
Outline of Dry-Stone Retaining Wall Construction in Britain and France

[028]     Camino Olea M.S. (Spain):
The exposed brick wall

[029]     Montagna, R. (Italy):
Heritage of Modern Architecture: a Brick Masonry of the Thirties

[030]     Adell, J.M. (Spain):
A Study of some damaged enclosure walls

[031]     Radivojevic A. (Yugoslavia):
Bricks of Late Antique Buildings of Naissus

[032]     Bustamante Montora R. (Spain):
Characteristics of the authenticity and sustainability in the preservation of tuff masonry

[033]     Theodossopoulos D., Sinha B.P., Usmani A.S ., McDonald A.J. (UK):
Structural Behaviour of Historic Masonry Cross Vaults

[034]     Jovanovic-Popovic M., Radivojevic A (Yugoslavia):
Functional Demands of Contemporary Housing as an Inducement for Development of New Floor Structure Systems Based on Clay Products - Yugoslav Experience



[035]     Adell J.M. (Spain):
New concepts to Include in Standards about enclosure walls

[036]     Bright, N; Roberts, J; (United Kingdom):
The Strengths and Weaknesses of Recent UK Masonry Research

[037]     Tor-Ulf W. (Finland):
Philosophy of Drafting Masonry a Code

[038]     Vratsanou V. (Germany):
Earthquake Resistant Design of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings - A Comparative Study of the European seismic codes

[039]     Nichols J.M., Totoev Y.Z. (USA):
The Progressive Degradation of Masonry Shear Walls Subjected to Harmonic Loads with Reference to Two Storey Masonry Structures

[040]     Shi L., Zhuge Y. (Australia):
A Comparison Between Australian Standards and Chinese Codes In Earthquake-Resistant Design of Masonry Structures

[041]     Fanning, A.; Hobbs, B; Dawood, N.N. (UK):
Standardisation of Brickwork Construction: Business Process Re-Engineering Strategies for Conventional Brickwork

Analytical modelling


[042]     Kubica, J. (Poland):
On Investigations of Kirchhof Modulus of Elasticity of Unreinforced AAC Block Masonry Wallets AAC Block Masonry Wallets

[043]     Fontana A., Drei A. (Italy):
Response of Multi-Leaf Walls to Horizontal Forces

[044]     Lawrence S., Marshall R. (Australia):
Virtual Work Design Method for Masonry Panels Under Lateral Load

[045]     Borgart A., Hobbelman J.G. (Netherlands):
Orthotropic Lattice Model (for Masonry)

[046]     Dawe, John (Canada):
Beam-column response of Masonry Walls

[047]     Gutierrez Jiménez J.P., Garcia Alonso M.D., Nasarre de Goicoechea M.P. (Spain):
Methodology for the analysis and assessment of bearing brick masonry

[048]     Brown R., Nelson J.K., Greewald J.H., Zobel R.S. (USA):
Software for the Design of Concrete Masonry Walls, Shear Walls and Lintels

[049]     Shrive N.G., Yi J. (Canada):
3D Finite Element Models of Face-Shell Bedded Hollow Masonry Prism Subjected to Eccentric Loading

[050]     Bernardini A., Modena C., Valluzi M.R. (ltaly):
Local Transfer Mechanisms in Reinforced Masonry Walls

[051]     Page, A.W., Xie J.H., Kleeman P.W. (Australia):
A New Approach to the Prediction of Failure of Face-Shell Bedded Hollow Masonry Walls Loaded in Eccentric Compression

[052]     Mendes da Silva J.A., Abrantes V. (Portugal):
Numerical Approach of First Masonry Cracking Under Thermal Actions

[053]     Rots J.G. (Netherlands):
Computational Modelling of Cracking and Settlement Damage in Masonry Structures

[054]     Barbosa P., Correa M.R.S., Ramalho, M. (Brazil):
Numerical Analysis of the Composite Action of Masonry Walls and Reinforced Concrete Beams

[055]     Jukes P., Riddington, J.R. (United Kingdom):
Finite Element Prediction of Block Triplet Shear Strength

[056]     Ronca P. (ltaly):
Numerical testing on the structural seismic performance of the Gothic vaults: The case of the Basilica Superiore in Assisi

[057]     Domingues P., Correa M.R.S., Ramalho M.A. (Brazil):
Compressive Strength of Grouted Clay Masonry Wall

[058]     Weinjun Y., Quanbiao X., (China):
Random Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Masonry Structures

[059]     Stewart M.G., Lawrence S. (Australia):
Bond Strength Variability and Structural Reliability of Masonry Walls in Flexure

[060]     Senthivel R., Sinha S.N., Madan A. (India):
Influence of Bed Joint Orientation on the Stress-Strain Behaviour of Sand Plast Brick Masonry Under Uniaxial compression and tension

[061]     Panjaj Dr., McKenzie A. (UK):
Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Masonry Using a Simple Numerical Approach

[062]     Mendes R.j .K., Roman H.R., (Brazil):
Elastic Analysis of Stresses on clay block prisms

[063]     Totoev Y.Z. (Australia):
Modelling of the deformations imposed on mansonry walls by reactive soils

Previous researches in restoration


[064]     Binda L., Baronio G., Lagomarsino S., Modena C., Penazzi D., Valluzzi M.R. (Italy):
Behavior of historic Masonry Buildings in Seismic Areas: Lessons Learned from the Umbria-Marche Earthquake

[065]     Binda L., Tongini Folli R., Mirabella Roberti G., Poggi C. (Italy):
Survey and Investigation for the Diagnosis of Damaged Masonry structures: the ""Torrazzo"" of Cremona

[066]     Krechting A. , Schubert P. (Germany):
Repair of cracked exterior plaster facades - test procedures to assess the effectiveness of repair systems

[067]     Parterkamp S. , Groot, C. (Netherlands):
Analysis of Stability Problems in Low-Suction-Brick Masonry During Brick Laying

[068]     Garavaglia E., Binda L., Lubelli B. (Italy):
Comparison Between Two Different Probabilistic Approaches in the Modelling of the Masonry Wall Deterioration

[069]     Pume, D. (Czech Republic):
Creep Strain of Clay Masonry Walls in the Eight-Storey Building

[070]     Holm A., Künzel H.M. (Germany):
Two-Dimensional Transient Heat and Moisture Simulations of Rising Damp with WUFI 2d

[071]     Woodham, D.B.; Conyers, L.B. (USA):
Evaluation of Inaccesible elements of a Cathedral using Ground Penetrating Radar

Masonry under seismic conditions


[072]     Calvi G.M., Bolognini D., Timperman P. (Belgium):
Seismic response of RC concrete frames infilled with bed joint reinforced masonry panels

[073]     Weijun Y., Shi C.X. (China):
Analysis of the Nonlinear Stochastic Earthquake Response on Masonry Structures

[074]     Laursen P.T., Ingham J.M. (New Zealand):
In-plane Seismic Response of Post-tensioned Concrete Masonry

[075]     Garcia Arribas R., Garcia Garcia R. (Spain):
Testing stonework structures against earthquakes

[076]     Voon K.C., Ingham J.M., Davidson B.J. (New Zealand):
In-plane Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Masonry

[077]     Zhuge Y. (Australia):
On Behaviour of Partially Reinforced Masonry under Simulated Earthquake Load

[078]     Schultz A., Hutchinson R.S., Cheok G. (USA):
Seismic Performance of masonry walls with bed joint reinforcement

[079]     Qamaruddin M. , AI Harrasi S.S.M. (Oman):
Seismic Evaluation of Existing Hyatt Regency Hotel Multistory Masonry Apartments Building in Oman

[080]     Panjaj Dr., Rai, D.C (United Kingdom):
Performance of Masonry Buildings in the Jabalpur Earthquake of May 22, 1997

Mortars and joints


[081]     Grimm CT. (USA):
Measuring Brick Masonry Mortar Joint Solidity

[082]     Galimberti V., Dessi P., Fantucci A., Nironi L. (Italy):
Performance and Durability Tests for Plastering Mortars

[083]     Sugo H.O., Page A.W., Lawrence S.J. (Australia):
The Influence of AEA on the Microstructure of Portland Cement-Lime and Masonry Cement Mortars

[084]     Valek J., Hughes J.J., Bartos J.M. (United Kingdom):
Compatibility of Historic and Modern Lime Mortars

[085]     Callebaut K., Viaene W., Van Balen K. (Belgium):
Production of Historic Lime Mortars: Evidences from Old Time Mortars Analyses and Laboratory Tests

[086]     Fried A.N., Yool A.G . (United Kingdom):
The Development of Dye Test Used on Clay Fines in Sands Used in Masonry Mortars

[087]     Nishiyama, M. (Japan):
Experimental Study on Strength of Thin Joints

[088]     Reda M.M., Shrive N.G. (Canada):
Is Cellular Mortar Suitable for the Canadian Environment?

[089]     Capozucca R., Cerri M.N., Zanarini G. (Italy):
Shear Strength of Brickwork Masonry with Different Types of Mortar Joints

[090]     Groot C.J.W.P., Bartos J.M., Hughes J.J. (The Netherlands):
Characterisation of Old Mortars with Respect to Their Repair

[091]     Müller A., Gleize P., Roman H. R. (Brazil):
Effect Of a Latex Polymer EVLC On Masonry Mortar Properties and Microstructure

[092]     Mullins P., Dux P. (Australia):
Cracking of Rendered Masonry Walls Supported by Suspended Slabs

[093]     Sugo, H.O.; Page, A.W.; Lawrence, S.J. (Australia):
A Study of Bond Strength and Mortar Microstructure Developed Using Masonry Cement

[094]     Bokan-Bosiljkov V., Bosilijkov V., Zarnic R. (Slovenia):
The Influence of the Different Types of Sand and Their Grain Distribution on the Mechanical Properties of Masonry

[095]     Briccoli S., Ranocchia G. (ltaly):
Constitutive Low of Brick and Lime Mortar Masonry

Masonry building restoration


[096]     Barrio Sevilla, J., Polo Velasco, J. Rodríguez Jiménez, C Valverde Espinosa, I. (Spain):
Estudios Previos de un Proyecto de Rehabilitación Referidos a Elementos de Fábrica de Ladrillo. Antiguo Hospital de Las Cinco Llagas de Sevilla, Actual Sede dei Parlamento de Andalucía

[097]     Gonzalez A.A., Miretti R., Grether R.M., Passerino C., Carrasco M. (Argentina):
Reinforced Masonry Chimney with Severe Deterioration. A Case of Study

[098]     Gabby B.A., Cash K.B. (USA):
Rehabilitation of the Chapel, Bowdoin College, Brunswick Maine

[099]     Ainsworth, Dixon, Kemp, J. (United Kingdom):
In situ consolidation of 47 sandstone sculptures, Edinburgh

[100]     Maurenbrecher P., Said M.N.A., Ibrahim K., Cornick s.m. (Canada):
Monitoring the Performance of Masonry Building Envelopes

[101]     Martinez J.L., Martin-Caro J.A., Leon J. (Spain):
The ""Silla de la Reina"" Tower in the Cathedral of Leon. Structural monitoring combined with numerical analysis

[102]     Tringali S., De Benedictis C., La Rosa R., Russo C., Bramante A. (Italy):
Rebuilding the Noto Cathedral (Sicily): a Case Study of Reconstruction Using the Masonry Tecnique

[103]     Espina Ferrer S., Jimenez J., Diez J., Zalbide M. (Spain):
Analysis of the Brick Masonry of a Centenary Chimney in Basque Country

[104]     Schuller M., Ruth W. (USA):
In-Place Stabilization of a Stone Masonry Façade

[105]     Martín Domínguez J.M. (Spain):
Monuments restoration with stainless steel

[106]     Samuelli Ferretti, A. (Italy):
Opus Caementicium - The Roman concrete Domus Aurea and Basilica of Maxentius: Stress analysis and safety

[107]     Gallego Roca, J. Muñoz Miranda, A; López Osorio, j.M.; Martín Valero, L; (Spain):
Estratificaciones históricas en los muros dei palacio dei almirante de Aragón. Granada (Espana)

[108]     Cucchiara, C; Faila, A; (Italy):
Experimental investigation on the behaviour of cylindrical vaults in calcarenite ashlars and bed join mortar

[109]     Lauret, B.; Monjo, J.; Oliveros, J.; Valero, J.M. (Spain):
Analysis of the structural behaviour of La Iglesia de San Pedro de los Francos en Calatayud (S. XIV)

Bridges and arches


[110]     Huizer A., Shrive N.G. (Canada):
Simple Design Procedures for Masonry Arches

[111]     Fontana A., Capsoni A. (Italy):
Load Carrying Capacity of Multiple-Leaf Masonry Arches

[112]     Martín Caro, J.A; León, J; Martínez, J.L. (Spain):
Structural meaning of backfill in masonry arch bridges

[113]     Martín Caro, J.A; León, J; Martínez, J.L. (Spain):
Procedimientos de Análisis en los Puentes Arco de Fábrica

[114]     Garrity S., Toporov V.V., Gennady V. (United Kingdom):
An Energy Formulation for Structural Masonry Material and its Application to Non-Linear Analysis of Arch Bridges

[115]     Burroughs P., Baralos P., Hughes T., Davies M. (United Kingdom):
Soil Effects and the Service Loading of Masonry Arch Bridges

[116]     Sicilia, C. (United Kingdom):
Centrifuge and Finite Element Modelling of Pontypridd Bridge

[117]     Adell J.M., Del Rio C, Gimenez J. (Spain):
Construction of the Millennium Arch

[118]     Cucchiara, C; Giambanco, G; Failla, A; (Italy):
Numerical modelling of mansory arches via interface model

Test on components


[119]     Oliveira, D.V.; Lourenço, P.B.; Roca, P. (Portugal):
Experimental Characterization of the Behaviour of Brick Masonry subjected to Cyclic Loading

[120]     Oliveira, D.V.; Lourenço, P.B.; Roca, P. (Portugal):
On the Compressive Strength of Stacked Dry-Stone Masonry

[121]     Valsangkar A. (Canada):
Earth Pressures on Block Masonry Retaining Walls

[122]     dei Rio Merino, M. (Spain):
New Prefabricated Elements of Lightened plaster used for partitions and extrados

[123]     Orr; D. M.F. (Ireland):
In-Plane Strength of Masonry Panels

[124]     Castilla Canales, E. (Venezuela):
Recent experiments with confined concrete block Masonry Walls

[125]     Cavalheiro, O.P; Pedroso, G.M. - Cavalheiro, Odilon P. (Brazil):
Experimental Data on Hollow Block Prisms Using Direct Shear Test

[126]     Sidney Camacho, J; Rodrigo Piernas, A; - Camacho, Jefferson Sidney (Brazil):
Development of the Production Techniques of the Small Scale Concrete Blocks

[127]     Walker, P. (United Kingdom):
Experimental Studies on the Compressive Strength Testing of Compressed Earth Blocks

[128]     Modena C, Valluzzi M.R., Marchetti M. (Italy):
Shear Strengthening of Masonry Panels Using FRP

[129]     Borchelt J.G ., Brown R.H. (USA):
Strength of Anchor Bolts in the Top of Clay Masonry Walls

[130]     Rincon J.M., Romero M., Arche L. (Spain):
Physico-Chemical and Technological Characterization of Klinkler Bricks

[131]     Vratsanou V., Langer P. (Germany):
Experimental Study on the Shear Resistence of AAC Masonry Walls

[132]     Villanueva L., Oteiza 1., Bajo J., Martin O., Perez de Miguel O. (Spain):
Análisis de la Calidad de los Bloques de Escayola Sometidos a Variaciones Extremas de Cambios de Humedad - efecto marin

[133]     Peleteiro S.C., Correa M.R.S., Ramalho M.A. (Brazil):
Analysis of Masonry Panels Using an Equivalent Homogeneus Material

[134]     Oteiza I., Diaz A.C (Spain):
Quality of the hollow blocks of concrete and their process, elaborated in the North Area of Maracaibo - Venezuela

Materials and techniques for repair


[135]     Florez de la Colina M.A., Ok I. (Spain):
Analysis of Old Mortars from Ancient Agora of Thessaloniki, Greece

[136]     Page A.W., Simundic G., Chen Q. (Australia):
The Cyclic and Long Term Behaviour of Slip Joints in Loadbearing Masonry Construction

[137]     Gigla B., Wenzel F. (Germany):
Design Recommendation for Injection Anchors as Supplementary Reinforcement of Historic Masonry

[138]     Del Rio C., Fombella R. Adell J.M . (Spain):
Bed Joint Reinforced Crack Control Clay Masonry in Environmental Exposed Brick and Block Long Walls in Toledo and Pamplona, Spain

[139]     Radivojevic A., Dervissis D. (Yugoslavia):
Bricks for Repair Work - One Way of Their Testing

[140]     Krstic A. (Yugoslavia):
Usage of Brick for Building Refurbishment

[141]     Castilla F. (Spain):
Caracterización y Determinación de Rendimiento y Coste de la Fabricación de Bloques de Tierra Comprimida

[142]     Stefanidou M., Papayianni I. (Greece):
Characteristics of Bricks of Byzantine Period

[143]     Lissel S., Simundic G., Page A.W., Shrive N.G. (Canada):
Improving the Shear Resistance of Masonry

[144]     Hughes J.J., Banfill P.F.G., Bartos P.M.J., Bruce C., Gibbons P., Johnston D., Swift D., Maxwell I. (United Kingdom):
The Experimental Lime Kiln: the Key to Future Mortar Compability

[145]     Zegarac B. (Yugoslavia):
Low-Cost Housing Model for Designing and Building Houses for Refugees in Serbia (Yugoslavia)

[146]     Rovero L., Briccoli Bati S. (Italy):
Consolidation of Masonry Arches with Carbon-Fiber Reinforced plastics

[147]     Strotmann R., Maryniak-Piaszczynski E. (Germany):
The Use of Dispersed Hydrated Lime for the Conservation of Roman and Romanesque Brick

Masonry in Architecture


[148]     Adell J.M. (Spain):
Carlos Mijares Brick Architecture

[149]     Booth J. Edgell, Gj. (UK):
Contribucion of Brickwork Cladding to the Structural Performance of Timber Frame Buildings

[150]     Ohler A. (Germany):
Economic Comparison Between Brick Masonry and Timber Frame Construction of Dwellings

[151]     Marquez Augusto (Venezuela):
System of superficial foundation on soil presenting potential problems for low-cost housing constructed with structural masonry

[152]     Marquez A (Venezuela):
Restricciones Tipológicas de la Vivienda Económica de Tipo Progresivo

[153]     Adell J.M. (Spain):
The moving of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia Parish School in Barcelona

[154]     Nava Hung M., Marinilli A. (Venezuela):
Evaluación de un Sistema Económico de Construcción co Tierra en Venezuela

[155]     Qian Y. (P.R. China):
The 18 Stories High Building Constructed by Reinforced Concrete Masonry in China

Masonry structural behaviour


[156]     Lourenço P.B., Santos A.P., Vasconcelos G. (Portugal):
Aspects of the Colapse of Clay Tile Masonry in Compression

[157]     Lourenço P.B., Oliveira D.V., Pires F., Fonseca G.M., Silva R.M. (Portugal):
Understanding the Behaviour of Masonry In-Filled Frames

[158]     Lopez de Oliveira F., Bento de Hanai J. (Brazil):
Structural Behavior of Masonry Walls Strengthened with Mortar Overlays under Axial and Diagonal Compression

[159]     de la Torre Calvo J.F., Sanchez J. Fernandez-Cuartero A. (Spain):
Recent Works on Reinforced and Prestressed Brick Masonry

[160]     Martens D.R.W. (Netherlands):
Time-Dependent Behaviour of Prestressed Masonry

[161]     Lourenço P.B., Barros J.O., Oliveira P.A. (Portugal):
Size Effect in Masonry Out-of-Plane Behaviour

[162]     Lourenço P.B. (Portugal):
A Macro-Model for the Out-of-Plane Behaviour of Masonry

[163]     Lourenço P.B., Oliveira D.V., Roca P. (Portugal):
Dry Stone Masonry Shear Walls Under Combined Actions

[164]     Lourenço P.B., Oliveira D.V., Roca P. (Portugal):
Uniaxial Behaviour of Stone and Brick Masonry Under Monotonic and Cyclic Loads

[165]     Schultz A., Mueffelman J.M., Ojarde N.J. (USA):
Critical Axial Loads for Transversely Loaded Masonry Walls

[166]     Schatz M. (Germany):
New Design Model for Structural Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Grouted Brick Panel Walls and Brick Element Floor Systems

[167]     Kubica J. (Poland):
Masonry Walls Sheared Vertically - a Trial of Description of the Problem

[168]     Van Zijl G. (Netherlands):
Time-dependent behaviour of masonry: a Numerical Approach

[169]     Van Der Pluijm R., Rutten H., Ceelen M. (Netherland):
Shear Behaviour of Bed Joints

[170]     Van Der Pluijm R, Verkleij H. (Netherlands):
Shrinkage and Creep of Calcium Silicate Block Masonry with Thin Layer Joints

[171]     Taliercio A, Taliercio A, Mirabella Roberti G. (Italy):
A Damage Model to Predict the Behaviour of Masonry Under Sustained Loading

[172]     Masia M.J., Kleeman P.W., Melchers R.E. (Canada):
A Probabilistic Model for the Prediction of Cracking in Masonry Structures

Bricks, blocks, panels


[173]     Meyer U. (Germany):
Prefabricated Brick Walls Elements - a Contribution for the Building Site in the 21st Century

[174]     Marrero M. (Venezuela):
Omniblock: Genesis of a Proposal

[175]     Van Gemert D., Toumbakari E.E., Vintzleou E., Pisano F. (Belgium):
Development of a Model Wall for the Experimental Study of Three-Leaf Masonry Walls

[176]     Schaerlaekens S. (Belgium):
Innovative Dry Masonry System for Large Walls

[177]     Acosta Gonzalez D. (Venezuela):
Soil-Cement block Masonry: an appropriate technology for massive production of low-cost housing?

[178]     Diaz Alvarado A.C. (Venezuela):
Constructive Technique for the Production of Mixed Components of Cement Mortar and Clay Bricks for Walls and Slabs

[179]     Maza Olivera C. (Spain):
Concrete Bricks (made with marble stone)

Thermal and water transfer


[180]     Groot C.J.W.P., Larbi J.A. (Netherlands):
The Influence of Water Flow (Reversal) on Bond Strength Development in Young Masonry

[181]     Fudge C, Gangual K. (UK):
Developing the Use of AAC Masonry in Chennai, India

[182]     Sagmeister B. (Germany):
How to Optimize Heat-Insulating Block Design

[183]     Fudge, C.A. (United Kingdom):
Developments With Thin-Joint MC Masonry in the U.K.

[184]     Morais Torres M.I., Freitas Vasco P. (Portugal):
Experimental Study of Rising Damp in Hollow Clay Brick Walls

[185]     Mendes da Silva J.A., Abrantes V. (Portugal):
Experimental Accesing of Thermal and Humidity Movements in Clay Brick Masonry Walls

[186]     Metzemacher, H. (Germany):
Thermal Bridges in Masonry Constructions

[187]     Meyer U. (Germany):
Development of Thermal Insulating Clay Units in Germany



[188]     Piekarczyk A. (Poland):
AAC Blocks Masonry Compressed Perpendicular and Parallel to the Bed Joints

[189]     Gonzalez A.A., Citroni Gunziger J.A., Sanz Rodriguez H., Avendano M.B.(Argentina):
Varadero Building System

[190]     Sugo H.O., Page A.W., Lawrence S.J. (Australia):
The Effects of Brick Texture and Mineralogy on Bond Strength and Mortar Microconstituens for Clay and Calcium Silicate Masonry

[191]     Kliethermes j. (Spain):
Muros de contención de suelo reforzado

[192]     Flores Pereita P. (Spain):
EI SoundCell, la pared acústica perfecta

[193]     Frattari A., Albatici R. (Italy):
Acoustic Characterization of Different Type of Brick/Block Masonry Walls

[194]     Ramirez V.M.A., Burgos M., Feria D.R. (Peru):
Use and quality of the brick constructions in the North of the Peru

[195]     Edgell G., Kjaer E. (United Kingdom):
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