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IB2MAC 2004

13th International Brick and Block Masonry Conference

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

04-07 July 2004



Organizing Committee:

Dirk Martens

Eindhoven University of Technology


Ad Vermeltfoort

Eindhoven University of Technology


Coby Damsma

Eindhoven University of Technology





ISBN: 9090182942, 9789090182940
Eds: Dirk Martens, Ad Vermeltfoort:

Analysis and Load Cases


[001]     Hamid, A.:
Development of A New Loadbearing Masonry Wall System for Building Construction in Hot Climate

[002]     Matysek, P.:
Determination of load eccentricity for masonry walls in multi-story structures with rc-slabs

[003]     Glock, C., Graubner, C.A.:
Design of slender unreinforced masonry walls

[004]     Jäger, W., Baier, G.:
The interaction between floor slabs and masonry walls - experimental and numerical investigation in comparison with eurocode 6

[005]     Bosiljkov, V., Simundic, G., Page, A.W. :
An experimental study of composite behaviour of masonry geometric sections

Anchors and Fasteners


[006]     Weigel, T.A., Lyvers, G.:
Statistical Analysis of Masonry Fastners

[007]     McGinley, W.M., Singleton, S., Greenwald, J., Thompson, J.:
Capacity of anchor bolts in concrete masonry

[008]     Meyer, A., Eligehausen, R. :
Injection anchors for use in masonry structures

[009]     Gigla, B.:
Bond strength of injection anchors as supplementary reinforcement inside historic masonry

[010]     Vintzileou, E., Toumbakari, E.E.:
Dowel action of titanium bars connecting marble fragments at different angles

Arches and Vaults


[011]     Wendland, D.:
Free-handed vault construction in the European building tradition: vaulting patterns in half-stone vaults

[012]     Marzahn, G.A., Jahnel, R., Tue, N.V.:
Finite element analysis of two ancient groined masonry vault

[013]     Hughes, T.G., Miri, M. :
Three dimensional behaviour of masonry arch bridges under service loads

Codes and Standards


[014]     Mojsilovic, N., Marti, P.:
New Swiss Structural Masonry Code

[015]     González, A.C., Meyer, U., Kieker,J.:
ESECMaSE - european research project on shear strength of masonry structures

[016]     Fudge, C.A.:
Development of factory production control guidance for european masonry product standards

Compressive Testing


[017]     Cavalheiro, O.P., Arantes, C.A.:
Influence of grout on hollow clay masonry compressive strength

[018]     Matysek, P:
Compressive tests on masonry made of expanded clay aggregate concrete units

[019]     Qin, S., Tang, T., Tianxiang, P.I., Wankang, L.:
Compressive deformation behavior of fired shale-gangue perforated brick masonry

[020]     Kawahara, R., Baba, A., Mori, A., Dainobu, T. :
Axial compression behaviours of burnt clay masonry units and improving load bearing capacity on brick assemblages with injection materials

[021]     Capozucca, R.:
Masonry panels with different mortar joints under compression

[022]     Ferozkhan, M., Dhanasekar, R., Holt, W., Dhanasekar, M.:
Behaviour of drystack masonry wallets under axial compression

[023]     Brencich, A., Corradi, C., Sterpi, E. :
Experimental approaches to the compressive response of solid clay brick masonry

[024]     Amde, A.M., Martin, J.V., Colville, J. :
The effects of moisture on compressive strength and modulus of brick masonry

[025]     Beer, I., Schubert, P. :
Determination of shape factors for masonry units

[026]     Vermeltfoort, A.T.:
Shear, bond and 2D compressive properties of thin bed mortar masonry

Experimental Techniques


[027]     Høiseth, K.V., øverli, J.A., Bjørlykke, K. :
Scanning as basis for structural analysis

[028]     Binda, L., Cantini, L., Fernandes, F., Saisi, A., Tedeschi, C., Zanzi, L.:
Diagnostic investigation on the historical masonry structures of a Castle by the complementarity use of non destructive techniques.

Foundation and Settlements


[029]     Zhuge, Y.:
Behaviour of masonry walls under footing movements - the effect of window opening

[030]     Loots, J.J., Zijl van, G.P.A.G.:
Experimental verification of settlement-induced damage to masonry walls

[031]     Netzel, H.:
Building settlement damage criteria, angular distortion or deflection ratio?

[032]     Netzel, H., Van Zijl, G.P.A.G.:
Nonlinear numerical verification of settlement-induced damage to solid masonry walls.

[033]     Kubica, J.:
Walls of masonry buildings subjected to iregular settlements - proposition of suplement to eurocode 6

[034]     Van Parys, L., Lamblin, D., Guerlement, G., Datoussaid, S., Descamps, T.:
Prevision of the behaviour of the gothic foundation in OL-Cathedral of Tournai (Belgium)



[035]     Orphy, M., Hamid, A.:
Problems Islamic monuments in Cairo face

[036]     Lourenço, P.B.:
Design of large size non loadbearing masonry walls: case studies in Portugal. Technical and economical benefits

[037]     Sousa, H., Oliveira, R.:
Technological aspects of Portuguese masonry rehabilitation practices on heritage buildings

[038]     Wahby, W.:
Ancient masonry work in Egypt, China, and Rome: a comparative study

Historic / Rennovation


[039]     Mori, A., Baba, A., Kawahara, R., Dainobu, T.:
Experimental examinations on manufacture temperature of burnt clay masonry units in historic masonry structures for establishing judgment standards of long term preservations

[040]     Veer, F.A., Hobbelman, G.J., Dijken, van M., Schuurman, A.C.B., Rots, J.G., Janssen, M.:
Experimental determination and numerical modelling of the failure behaviour of historical masonry

[041]     Anzani, A., Binda, L., Fontana, A., Pina Henriques, J. :
An experimental investigation on multiple-leaf stone masonry

[042]     Hayen, R., Balen van, K., Gemert, van D.:
The mechanical behaviour of historic masonry structures

Lateral Loading and Bending


[043]     Schultz, A.E., Bean, J.R., Drake, C.R.:
Lateral load tests of slender post-tensioned masonry walls

[044]     Oliveira, J.T., Barros, J.O., Lourenço, P.B., Bonaldo, E.:
Flexural behaviour of representative panels of prefabricated reinforced masonry shells

[045]     Fried, A.N., Roberts, J.J., Limbachiya, M.C., Kanyeto, O.:
Predicting the Behaviour of laterally loaded masonry panels

[046]     Capozucca, R., Sinha, B.P. :
Strength and behaviour of historic masonry under lateral loading

[047]     Masia, M.J., Han, Y., Lawrence, S.J., Page, A.W.:
An experimental study of brick masonry specimens subjected to biaxial bending

Mechanical Models


[048]     Trovalusci, P., Baggio, C. :
Limit analysis for three-dimensional stone masonry structures with friction

[049]     Beattie, G., Molyneaux, T.C.K., Gilbert, M., Burnett, S. :
Finite element analysis of masonry subject to quasi-static and dynamic out-of-plane loading.

[050]     Peng, B., Gu, X.L., Qian, Y.L.:
Parameter study on computer simulation of collapse response for masonry structures

[051]     Adnan, M.A., Lissel, S.L.:
Analysis of masonry shear strength tests using fracture mechanics

[052]     Lagomarsino, S., Calderini, C.:
A micromechanical damage model for complex masonry structures.

[053]     Xiao, X., Shrive, N.G.:
Mixed mode fracture of brick

Mortar Applications


[054]     Greenwald, J.H., Graber, D.W., Cherundolo, J.M.:
Research Evaluation of Single Lift Grouting in Concrete Masonry Wall Panels

[055]     Papayianni, I.:
Creep deformation of lime-based repair mortars. The effect of aggregate size.

[056]     Wijffels, T.J., Adan, Olaf C.G. :
Bond strength in calcium silicate brick masonry

[057]     Gregoire, Y., Barquin, de F.:
Mortar-brick bond strength of glued masonry for veneer walls

[058]     Brink, A., Adan, O.C.G., Brocken, H.J.P. :
The masonry concept

[059]     Gregoire, Y., Barquin, de:
Tests on glued masonry for veneer walls mortar-brick bond strenght.



[060]     Totoev, Y.Z., James, M.A.:
Development of the water absorption from fresh mortar test

[061]     Lawrence, S.J., Samarasinghe, W., Guirguis, S.:
Mortar durability - Development and standardization of test methods

[062]     Greenwald, J.H., Farny, J.A.:
Ruggedness testing of the mortar-aggregate ratio procedure

[063]     Thomson, M.L., Godbey, R.J.:
The testing of a lime-pozzolan mortar: using the right curing regime

[064]     Godbey, R.J., Thomson, M.L.:
Predicting compressive strength - A tool for mortar mix designers

[065]     Veiga, M., Magalhaes, Ana Cristian, Bokan-Bosilikov, Violeta:
Capillarity tests on historic mortar samples extracted from site. Methodology and compared results.

[066]     Bertram, G., Martens, D.R.W. :
The influence of hardening conditions on the physical properties of mortar

[067]     Testone, T., Sugo, H.O., Page, A.W., Lawrence, S.J.:
A study of mortar durability using the scratch test

[068]     Bosiljkov, V., Sugo, H.O., Page, A.W., Lawrence, S.J.:
The influence of cement replacement materials on the flexural bond strength of masonry

[069]     Shrive, N.G., Reda Taha, M.M. :
Bond strength of clay masonry prisms constructed with normal and fly ash substituted mortars

[070]     Thomson, M.L., Lindqvist, J.E., Elsen, J., Groot, C.J.W.P.:
Porosity of historic mortars

Numerical Modelling


[071]     Vassilev, T., Jäger, W., Pflücke, T. :
Numerical simulation of masonry under combined lateral loading and compression

[072]     Jäger, W., Schöps, P.:
Numerical modelling of masonry under shear loading

[073]     Jäger, W., Thieme, M.:
Micro-modelling for out-of-plane bending of masonry

[074]     Roman, H.R., Gomes, I.R. :
Numerical modelling of blockwork prisms tested in compression using finite element method with interface behaviour

[075]     Li, X., Gong, S.X., Gu, X.L.:
Finite element analyses and approximate calculation of masonry wall supported on two-span RC Frame

[076]     Chidiac, S.E., He, Z., Drysdale, R.G. :
Finite element model of unreinforced concrete block walls subject to out-of-plane loading - A parametric study

[077]     Molnar, M.:
Restrained shrinkage of massive masonry walls

Numerical Simulation


[078]     Chuang, S., Zhuge, Y., McBean, P.C.:
Numerical analysis of unreinforced masonry walls retrofitted by cable system

[079]     Mendes da Silva, J.A., Silva Vicente, R.:
Pathology and rehabilitation of external angles in unrestrained masonry walls

[080]     El-Dakhakhni, W.W., Drysdale, R.G. :
3-D finite element modelling of masonry-infilled frames with and without opening

Physical Aspects


[081]     Bingel, P.R., Bown, A.R., Sturges, J.:
Winterton House, London: analysis of temperature data

[082]     Yang, C., Yang, W., Ma, L.:
Experimental study on clay ceramisite thermal insulation mortar

[083]     Meyer, U.:
Suitable renderings for thermal insulating single leaf clay masonry walls

[084]     Ishii, K., Baba, A., Mori, A., Kawahara, R. Hasegawa, N.:
A proposal on predictive methods of lifespan of fully grouted reinforced concrete masonry buildings on carbonation resistance

[085]     Sousa, H., Carvalho, A., Melo, A.:
A new sound insulation lightweight concrete masonry block. Design and experimental characterization

[086]     Schmidt, U., Schubert, P., Förster, C. :
Efficiency and durability of repair and maintenance systems for cracked external renderings

[087]     Janssen, H., Desadeleer, W., Blocken, B, Carmeliet, J. :
Rain penetration through thin layer mortar brick facades with open vertical joints

[088]     Blocken, B., Desadeleer, W., Carmeliet, J.:
Driving rain and soiling of masonry facades

[089]     Sugo, H.O., Page, A.W., Moghtaderi, B.:
A comparative study of the thermal performance of cavity and brick veneer construction

[090]     Brocken, H., Nijland, T.G. :
White efflorescence on brick masonry; towards prediction of efflorescence risk

[091]     Wijffels, T., Nijland, T.G. :
Deterioration of historic brick masonry due to combined gypsum, ettringite and thaumasite: a case study

[092]     Sanders, M., Adan, O., Brocken, H.:
Impact of firing temperature and clay type on algal susceptibility

[093]     Hughes, J.J., Banfill, P.F.G., Forster, A., Johnston, D., Livesey, P., Sagar, J., Swift, D.S.:
Practical application of small-scale burning for traditional lime binder production: skills development for conservation of the built heritage.

[094]     Edgell, G.J., Wilson, N. :
The development of a freeze thaw test for mortar



[095]     Krechting, A.:
Prefabrication in the brickworking industry



[096]     Basilio, I., Oliveira, D., Lourenço, P.:
Optimal FRP strengthening of masonry arches

[097]     Graubner, C.A., Glock, C.:
Simplified design model for reinforced masonry

[098]     Elgawady, M, Lestuzzi, P., Badoux, M.:
A review of conventional seismic retrofitting techniques for URM

[099]     Llu, Y., Dawe, J., Moxon, D.:
Reinforced masonry concrete block walls under combined axial and uniformly distributed lateral load



[100]     Hees van, R.P.J., Lubelli, B., Pel, L., Huinink, H., Groot, C., Rooij de, M.:
Transport and crystallisation of salts in masonry and plasters

[101]     Terheiden, K., Kaps, Ch. :
Investigations of the moisture and concentration depending transport of deteriorating salts in masonry materials

[102]     Petkovic, J., Pel, L., Huinink, H.P., Kopinga, K., Pel, L., Huinink, H.P., Kopinga, K., Hees van, R.P.J.:
Salt transport in plaster/substrate layers: a nuclear magnetic resonance study

[103]     Pel, L., Huinink, H.P., Kopinga, K., Hees van, R.P.J., Zezza, F.:
Ion transport and crystallization in fired-clay brick: an NMR study

[104]     Rijniers, L.A., Huinink, H.P.,Pel, L., Kopinga, K.:
Salt crystallization as damage mechanism in masonry



[105]     Yang, W., Han, B.:
Loss assessment and optimum analysis of masonry structures based on aseismic and crack reliability

[106]     Erbay, O.O., Abrams, D.P.:
A methodology to assess seismic risk for populations of unreinforced masonry buildings

[107]     Abrams, D.P., Smith, T.R. :
Improving seismic performance of unreinforced masonry piers

[108]     Tomazevic, M., Bosiljkov, V., Lutman, M. :
Robustness of masonry units and seismic behaviour of masonry walls

[109]     Hagel, M.D., Lissel, S.L., Brown, T.G. :
Design of a seismic simulation frame for testing of masonry structures

[110]     Modena, C., Valluzzi, M.R., Binda, L., Cardani, G., Saisi, A.:
Vulnerability of historical centres in seismic area: reliability of assessment methods for different building typologies

Seismic and Cyclic Testing


[111]     Lourenço, P.B., Ramos, L.F., Vasconcelos, G.:
On the cyclic behavior of stone dry masonry joints

[112]     Wight, G.D., Ingham, J.M., Kowalsky, M.J.:
Shake table testing of post-tensioned concrete masonry walls

[113]     Schermer, D.:
Experimental and numerical investigations on the behaviour of unreinforced masonry buildings under seismic loadings

[114]     Li, X., Gong, S.X., Gu, X.L.:
Interaction and seismic capacity of brick wall and supported RC frame

[115]     Fehling, E., Mahmoud Nejati, Cardydis, Panayotis G., Mouzakis, Harris:
Improvement of seismic behaviour of unreinforced masonry structures in low seismicity regions by capacity design



[116]     Meyer, U.:
In plane shear strength of vertically perforated clay unit masonry - a survey of recent test results

[117]     Hu, J., Qin, S., Luo, W.:
Shear theory and strength of perforated brick masonry under shear-compression combined loading

[118]     Bei, G., Papayianni, I.:
Experimental study of shear bond strength of traditional masonry

[119]     Kubica, J., Piekarczyk, A. :
Tests of vertically sheared clay brick masonry walls with and without bed joint reinforcement

Shear Related


[120]     Singh, B.K., Sinha, S.N. :
Energy dissipation in interlocking grouted stabilised mud block masonry under cyclic uniaxial compressive loading

[121]     Baker, C., Marr, J.K., Drysdale, R.G. :
Capacity of single and double wythe unreinforced concrete block walls

[122]     Ng'andu, B.M., Vermeltfoort, A.T., Martens, D.R.W.:
The response of steel frames infilled with casiel walls to in-plane monotonic loads

[123]     Binda, L., Cardani, G., Saisi, A., Modena, C., Valluzzi, M.R.:
Multilevel approach to the analysis of the historical buildings: application to four centers in seismic area finalised to the evaluation of the repair and strengthening techniques

[124]     Madan, A., Senthivel, R., Uzoegbo, H.C., Jäger, W.:
Influence of masonry infills on the dynamic response of R/C framed structures



[125]     Yang, W., Yin, J., Yin, M.:
Experiments and analysis of high-strength fly-ash mortar

[126]     Yang, W., Ma, L.:
Effect of the Hole Type of Hollow Brick on Mechanical Behavior

[127]     Yang, W., Mai, G., Yang, R.:
Study of Sound Insulation Properties of Concrete Hollow Brick Wall

[128]     Hasegawa, N., Baba, A., Mori, A., Kawahara, R.:
A historical study on modular coordination system for brick masonry building in Japan

[129]     Komiyama, T., Aoki, T., Tanigawa, Y., Hatanaka, S., Yuasa, N., Hamasaki, H, Chiorino, M.A., Roccati, R.:
Non-destructive testing of the sanctuary of vicoforte

[130]     Ahmed, A., Fried, A.N., Limbachiya, M.C., Roberts, J.J. :
Advantages and implications of high performance low density aircrete product for the UK construction industry

[131]     Shigeishi, M.:
Acoustic emission observation of bending failure in brick-built deep beam

[132]     Kuhanandan Nambiar, E.K., Ramamurthy, K., Anand, K.B. :
Accelerated masonry construction with innovate interlocking blocks

[133]     Marzahn, G.A.:
Dry-stacked masonry subjected to ulimate loads

[134]     Oliveira, F.L., Hanai, J.B. :
Application of resistant overlays in prevention of progressive collapse in masonry buildings

[135]     Dhanasekar, M., Haider, W. :
Behaviour of wide spaced reinforced masonry walls under inplane cyclic loading

[136]     Gayevoy, A.V., Lissel, S.L.:
Monitoring of CFRP prestressed masonry walls

[137]     Elgawady, M, Hegner, J., Lestuzzi, P., Badoux, M.:
Static cyclic tests on URM wall before and after retrofitting with composites

[138]     Cecconi, R., Mariani, G., Sassu, M., Tempestini, M. :
A new low-technology, lightweight concrete block for reinforced masonry

[139]     Vekemans, H.J., Pluijm, van der:
Daas clickbrick: dry stack clay bricks for facades

[140]     Adell, J.M., Dávila, M.D. :
The intergral masonry system

[141]     Pfeffermann, O.:
Bed joint reinforced masonry under lateral loading

[142]     Rots, J.G., Invernizzi, S.:
A Saw-Tooth Model for the Analysis of Real-Scale Masonry Structures