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IB2MAC 2008

14th International Brick and Block Masonry Conference

Sydney, Australia

17-20 February 2008



Organizing Committee:

Mark Masia

University of Newcastle - Australia


Yuri Totoev

University of Newcastle - Australia


Adrian Page

University of Newcastle - Australia


Goran Simundic

University of Newcastle - Australia


Heber Sugo

University of Newcastle - Australia


Stephen Lawrence

SPL Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia


Alan Pearson

Concrete Masonry Association of Australia, Australia


Linda Ginger

Think Brick Australia, Australia


Bob Rushton

Think Brick Australia, Australia





ISBN: 9 7819 2070 1-92-5
Eds: Mark Masia, Yuri Totoev, Adrian Page, Heber Sugo:

Keynote Presentation


[001]    David Biggs:
The Disasters of September 11, 2001

Invited Lectures: Masonry and sustainability


[002]     Gregg Borchelt and Christine Subasic:
Standards for sustainable buildings in the United States of America

[003]     Carl-Alexander Graubner, C. Hock and C. Schneider:
Rating the sustainability of buildings – European approaches

[004]     Cathy Inglis:
Energy efficiency regulations and rating tools for Australian buildings – an overview

Invited Lectures: State of the art reports


[005]     Paulo Lourenço:
Structural Masonry Analysis: Recent Developments and Prospects

[006]     Michael Griffith:
Seismic Design of Masonry Buildings in Australia

[007]     Jason Ingham:
The Influence of Earthquakes on New Zealand Masonry Construction Practice

Compressive/vertical loading


[008]     Capuzzo Neto, Correa and Ramalho:
Distribution of vertical loads between interconnected masonry walls with and without a top slab

[009]     Dhanasekar, Ferozkhan, Dhanasekar and Holt:
Behaviour of dry stack concrete masonry blocks under eccentric compression

[010]     Mojsilovic and Raess:
A correlation between masonry compressive strength and unit splitting strength

[011]     Bright and Ahmed:
Concentrated loads on Aircrete thin joint blockwork

[012]     Barbosa and Hanai:
Deformability of hollow concrete blocks and platen effect on axial compression tests

[013]     Graubohm, Zachert and Brameshuber:
Theoretical and practical investigations on the determination of calcium silicate and autoclaved aerated concrete masonry compressive strength

[014]     Hendrickx, Schueremans, Verstrynge, Van Balen and Van Gemert:
Effect of mortar type and workmanship on the behaviour of masonry under uniaxial compression

[015]     Carvalho and Roman:
Arch effect – a literature review

[016]     Carvalho and Roman:
The contribution of flanges to walls under the action of the arching effect

[017]     Graubner and Glowienka:
Stochastic modelling of modern masonry

[018]     Kubica, Seweryn and Wawrzynek:
Behaviour and characteristic of clay brick masonry wallettes subjected to compressive cyclic loads

[019]     Drobiec and Kubica:
Masonry walls and columns with bed joint reinforcement subjected to vertical loads – proposition of design method

[020]     Ye, Sun, Liu and Zhang:
Experimental study on compression behaviour of composite hollow concrete block masonry for load-bearing and energy conservation

[021]     Freitas, Ramalho, Corrêa and Taliercio:
Concrete block prisms under compression: numerical and experimental analysis of load failure and displacements

[022]     Mata, La Rovere and Prudêncio:
Influence of mortar bedding on the mechanical behaviour of hollow concrete masonry prisms under axial compression

Thermal performance


[023]     Upadhyay:
Thermal mass requirement for building envelope in different climatic conditions

[024]     Alashaary, Moghtaderi, Sugo and Page:
Application of neuro-fuzzy model to evaluate the thermal performance of typical Australian residential masonry buildings

[025]     Gregory, Moghtaderi, Sugo and Page:
A thermal performance study of common Australian residential construction systems in hypothetical modules

[026]     Sugo, Hands and Page:
Thermal performance of Australian masonry housing – heating and cooling demands under Spring conditions

[027]     Buxbaum, Juhart, Seiler and Pankratz:
Study on the hygrothermal performance of heritage-protected external masonry walls with inside insulation



[028]     Meyer:
Optimization of vertically perforated clay units for Central European seismic areas

[029]     Zilch, Schermer, Grabowski and Scheufler:
Boundary conditions of shear walls in multi-storey masonry structures under horizontal loading

[030]     Fehling and Schermer:
ESECMASE - Shear test method for masonry walls with realistic boundary conditions

[031]     Fehling and Stuerz:
Shear tests on clay unit masonry walls under static cyclic horizontal loading

[032]     Magenes, Morandi and Penna:
In-plane cyclic tests of calcium silicate masonry walls

Arches/Historical masonry


[033]     Mojsilovic, Schneider, Villiger and Marti:
Load test on unreinforced masonry shell

[034]     Harvey:
Load distribution and stability in masonry bridges, vaults and domes

[035]     Garrity:
The rehabilitation of the piers of a 125 year old clay brick railway viaduct

[036]     Basilio, Oliveira, Lourenço and Ramos:
Numerical modelling of arched structures

[037]     Carpinteri, Lacidogna, Manuello and Binda:
Monitoring the structures of the ancient Temple of Athena incorporated into the Cathedral of Syracuse

ESECMASE/In-plane loading


[038]     Kranzler and Graubner:
Integral model for the in-plane lateral load capacity of URM (shear) bearing walls and calibration with test results

[039]     Meyer and Caballero Gonzaléz:
ESECMaSE Shaking table tests at the National Technical University in Athens

[040]     Anthoine and Molina:
Pseudo-dynamic testing of full scale masonry structures: preparatory work

[041]     Penna, Magenes, Calvi and Costa:
Seismic performance of AAC infill and bearing walls with different reinforcement solutions

[042]     Zilch, Scheufler and Schermer:
Behaviour of reinforced masonry walls made of hollow clay units with concrete infill under combined loadings

FRP strengthening


[043]     Petersen, Masia and Seracino:
Experimental verification of finite element model to predict the shear behaviour of NSM FRP strengthened masonry walls

[044]     Parsekian, Tilleman and Shrive:
An investigation of out-of-plane loaded sprayed GFRP strengthened masonry walls

[045]     Willis, Wu, Griffith and Seracino:
Horizontal bending of FRP retrofitted masonry small wall specimens

[046]     Dhanasekar, Holt, Ferozkhan and Dhanasekar:
Out-of-plane behaviour of fibre reinforced cement composite (FRCC) rendered dry stack concrete masonry walls

[047]     Pfeiffer and Seim:
Local post-strengthening of in-plane loaded masonry walls with fibre-reinforced-polymers (FRP)

[048]     Mahmood, Russell and Ingham:
Laboratory testing of unreinforced masonry walls retrofitted with glass FRP sheets

[049]     Zhuge:
FRP retrofitted URM walls under in-plane shear – a review of available design models

[050]     Zhuge:
Numerical study of URM walls retrofitted with cable and FRP

Masonry architecture


[051]     McMurchy:
Decorative brickwork – past and present

[052]     Bingel and Bown:
Refurbishment of masonry buildings – a sustainable option?

[053]     Markov:
Study of volume location in steel frame buildings with masonry infill walls

[054]     Russell and Ingham:
Trends in the architectural characterisation of unreinforced masonry in New Zealand

Masonry materials


[055]     Haigh, Norton, Cook and Ingham:
Influence of waste latex and acrylic paint on concrete masonry blockfill rheology

[056]     Moroz and Lissel:
Life cycle assessment of traditional versus indigenous materials

[057]     García Santos, Conci Rinaudo and Adell Argilés:
Ceramics brick colour modifications produced by the superficial protections

[058]     Heffler, Stewart, Masia and Correa:
Spatial correlation of flexural bond strength for masonry walls: an experimental and statistical study

[059]     Lubelli and van Hees:
Study of the possible application of sodium ferrocyanide for the prevention of sodium chloride damage in building materials

[060]     Zhou, Walker and D’Ayala:
Flexural bond strength development of brickwork using natural hydraulic lime (NHL) mortar

[061]     Schloeglmann:
Long-term behaviour of PUR-glued clay block masonry

[062]     Gu, Chen, Li and Gao:
Experimental study on basic mechanical properties of concrete perforated brick masonry

[063]     Vermeltfoort:
Mechanical properties and application features of CASIELS

[064]     Hendrickx, Minet, Van Balen and Van Gemert:
Workability of mortars with building lime: assessment by a panel of masons versus lab testing

[065]     Walloch, Graber and Lang:
Self-consolidating grout investigation: making and testing prototype mix designs

[066]     Nichols, Dietz and Brown:
The properties of beehive kiln fired bricks used in a nineteenth century building

[067]     Limbachiya, Fudge and Roberts:
Behaviour and design of low density aircrete masonry

[068]     Fried, Ali and Roberts:
The impact of unit properties on masonry flexural strength using thin layer mortar

Seismic performance


[069]     Nichols:
The implications of the May 27th 2006 Java earthquake for masonry design and construction

[070]     Johnston:
Design of masonry structures for earthquake in Australia

[071]     Nazar and Sinha:
Behaviour of interlocking grouted brick masonry under low cycle fatigue loading

[072]     Heath, Gad and Wilson:
Shaking table test of full-scale brick veneer house

[073]     Quiun, San Bartolomé and Torrealva:
Masonry influence in seismic performance of buildings – case study in Peru

[074]     San Bartolomé, Quiun, Casabonne and Torrealva:
New Peruvian masonry design code

[075]     Butenweg and Gellert:
Displacement based design of masonry structures under earthquake loading

[076]     Vaculik, Lumantarna, Griffith, Lam and Wilson:
Out-of-plane seismic response of unreinforced masonry walls: an overview of research in Australia

[077]     Yang, Peng and Liang:
Finite element analysis of the seismic behaviour of concrete perforated brick masonry

[078]     Tassios, Vintzileou and Patta:
Seismic evaluation of existing masonry buildings: scoring system and calibration

[079]     Bosiljkov, Bokan-Bosiljkov and Zarnic:
Optimization of contemporary blockwork masonry for seismic regions – step by step approach

Reinforced masonry


[080]     Bagheri and Göran Hellers:
Prestressed AAC masonry in prefabrication of a new building system (BCE)

[081]     Biggs and Forsberg:
A mortarless prestressed masonry house: case study

[082]     Sperbeck and Budelmann:
Experimental and numerical investigation of prestressed masonry structures under earthquake loading – influences on simulation results

[083]     Shrive and Page:
In-plane cyclic loading of partially grouted masonry – a review and assessment of research needs

[084]     Haider and Dhanasekar:
Analysis of wide spaced reinforced concrete masonry shear walls using explicit finite element method

[085]     Roberts:
The development of design methods for reinforced and unreinforced masonry basement walls

[086]     Johnston:
Free-standing masonry privacy walls

[087]     Mosele, da Porto, Dalla Benetta and Modena:
Experimental behaviour of newly developed system for load bearing reinforced masonry walls

[088]     Bean Popehn and Schultz:
Design provisions for post-tensioned masonry walls subject to lateral loading

[089]     Thompson and Lang:
Effects of confinement reinforcement on the performance of lap splices in concrete masonry

[090]     Mjelde, McLean, Thompson and McGinley:
Performance of lap splices in concrete masonry shear walls under in-plane loading

Out-of-plane loading


[091]     Maluf, Parsekian and Shrive:
An investigation of out-of-plane loaded unreinforced masonry walls design criteria

[092]     Jäger, Vassilev, Hoffmann and Schöps:
Unreinforced masonry basement walls – a comparison of theoretical design approaches and numerical simulations

[093]     Schmidt, Hannawald and Brameshuber:
Theoretical and practical research on the flexural strength of masonry

[094]     Shi, D’Ayala and Jain:
Analysis of out-of-plane damage behaviour of unreinforced masonry walls

[095]     Guadagnuolo and Faella:
The friction in the out-of-plane failure mechanisms of masonry walls

Materials testing


[096]     Casali and Prudêncio:
A new test method for the evaluation of the workability of concrete block masonry bedding mortars

[097]     Seim, Pfeiffer, Hempel and Orschulok:
A new method to investigate the surface tensile strength of concrete and masonry structures

[098]     Khalaf:
Three-point bending test to determine masonry shear bond strength

[099]     Amde and Colville:
A new test method for flexural bond strength of masonry prisms

[100]     Xiao and Shrive:
Mixed-mode fracture testing of the mortar/unit interface

In-plane loading


[101]     da Porto, Guidi, Garbin and Modena:
Modelling of in-plane loaded clay unit masonry walls

[102]     Calderini, Cattari and Lagomarsino:
Overall strength criteria of masonry shear piers: discussion and validation of literature models

[103]     Sassu:
A procedure for testing masonry structures: the pile model and the opposite panel shear compression tests

[104]     Lourenço, Vasconcelos, Gouveia, Haach and Freitas:
Validation of masonry systems for in-plane lateral loading using truss reinforcement

Masonry repair/retrofit


[105]     Gigla and Schlesinger:
Investigation into the suitability of industrial fixing systems for the repair of historic masonry

[106]     Molnár, Jönsson and Gustavsson:
Rehabilitation of masonry facades damaged by reinforcement corrosion

[107]     San Bartolomé, Castro, Vargas and Quiun:
Repair of reinforced masonry walls with previous shear failure

[108]     Soric, Galic and Kisicek:
Strengthening of masonry walls with glass fibre straps

In-situ testing


[109]     Ramos, Lourenço, De Roeck and Campos-Costa:
Global damage identification based on vibration signatures applied to masonry structures

[110]     Verstrynge, Ignoul, Schueremans, Van Gemert and Wevers:
Damage accumulation in masonry under persistent loading evaluated by acoustic emission technique

[111]     Keersmaekers, Posen, Knapen, Leus and Van Gemert:
Enhancement of geo-electrical techniques for NDT of masonry

[112]     Palieraki, Vintzileou and Miltiadou-Fezans:
The use of radar technique and boroscopy in investigating historic masonry: application of the techniques in Byzantine monuments in Greece

Domestic construction


[113]     Lawrence and Page:
New Australian standards for masonry in small structures

[114]     Freire and Parsekian:
Analysis of Brazilian low rise structural masonry buildings

Numerical modelling


[115]     Yu, Wu and Griffith:
Numerical analysis of out-of-plane loaded masonry wall using homogenization technique

[116]     Yang, Zheng, Zhang and Yang:
Finite element analysis of the temperature stress of concrete perforated masonry

[117]     Peng, Gu and Chen:
Computer simulation of load-deformation curves for masonry walls in pseudo-static tests

[118]     Augenti and Romano:
Seismic design of masonry buildings through macroelements

[119]     Augenti and Romano:
Qualification tests for micro and macro modelling of Tuff masonry structures

Construction detailing


[120]     Martens and Bertram:
Shear strength of clay brick masonry including damp proof course

[121]     Adell, García-Santos, Lauret, López, Martín, Peña, Pol, Timperman and Vega:
6m span lintels tests on a new wall PI – brackets type

[122]     Richter, Formoso and Masuero:
Analysis of pathological defects of loadbearing masonry technology in low income projects

[123]     Totoev, Sing-Sang and Page:
Empirical redistribution procedure to improve accuracy of linear elastic analysis of shear walls in load-bearing masonry

[124]     Bingel and Bown:
Full-scale testing of vertically restrained masonry cladding

Fire resistance and corrosion


[125]     Nguyen, Meftah, Chammas and Mebarki:
Fire resistance modelling and numerical simulation of masonry partition wall behaviour

[126]     Kelly and Bingel:
An evaluation of the BS EN 1996-1-2 simplified model for predicting fire resistance of loadbearing clay masonry walling

[127]     Borchelt and Swink:
Fire resistance tests of brick veneer wood frame walls

[128]     Batis, Vintzileou and Stathatos:
Protection of the reinforcement of masonry in corrosive environments

[129]     Hagel and Lissel:
Instantaneous corrosion rates of ties embedded in mortar joints of brick veneer walls using the linear polarization technique

Masonry durability


[130]     Twelmeier, Sperbeck and Budelmann:
Restoration mortar for historical masonry – durability prediction by means of numerical and engineering models

[131]     Lawrence, Testone, Sugo and Page:
An investigation of factors affecting the durability of masonry mortar

[132]     Bokan-Bosiljkov, Bosiljkov and Zarnic:
Water absorption of lime-based facades

[133]     Forth, Zoorob and Thanaya:
Time-dependent performance of Bitublock single leaf masonry

Historic masonry


[134]     Anzani, Binda, Cantini, Cardani and Condoleo:
Cracking of the apse of St. Lorenzo in Cremona: structural investigation and monitoring

[135]     Sorace and Terenzi:
Redesign of an historical masonry stronghold incorporating a base isolated floor

[136]     Binda, Zerbi, Condoleo, Mannucci and Tedeschi:
Study of a natural resin used as joint for the brick masonry of Hindu temples in My Son (Vietnam)

Compressive loading and combined systems


[137]     Hou, Liu and Dawe:
Experimental study of strain gradient effect on the behaviour and strength of masonry

[138]     Barbosa and Hanai:
Comparison of standard test results and in-place mechanical properties of embedding mortars and concrete blocks

[139]     Augenti and Parisi:
Preliminary analysis on masonry - RC combined systems: structural assessment

[140]     Edgell and Clear:
Comparative tests on aggregate concrete blockwork walls containing wind posts and bond beams