Análisis mecánico de albañilería arqueológica de adobe bajo cargas de compresión uniaxial: El caso de Huaca de la Luna


Ramírez, Eduardo; Montesinos, Mijail; Marques, Rui Filipe Pedreira; Morales, Ricardo; Uceda, Santiago; Lourenço, Paulo B.; Aguilar, Rafael

Archaeological constructions; Adobe masonry; Mechanical testing; Digital image correlation; Numerical modelling

This article presents an experimental and numerical study for the mechanical characterization under uniaxial compressive loading of the adobe masonry of one of the most emblematic archaeological complex in Peru, 'Huaca de la Luna' (100-650AD). Compression tests of prisms were carried out with original material brought to the laboratory. For measuring local deformations in the tests, displacement transducers were used which were complemented by a digital image correlation system which allowed a better understanding of the failure mechanism. The tests were then numerically simulated by modelling the masonry as a continuum media. Several approaches were considered concerning the geometrical modelling, namely 2D and 3D simplified models, and 3D refined models based on a photogrammetric reconstruction. The results showed a good approximation between the numerical prediction and the experimental response in all cases. However, the 3D models with irregular geometries seem to reproduce better the cracking pattern observed in the tests.