Influence of the wood mechanical properties in the dovetail joint behavior


Sobra, Karel; Fajman, P.; Branco, Jorge M.

Carpentry joints; Dovetail; Component method

The force distribution inside a dovetail joint is complex. Wood is simultaneouslyloaded in different directions in the several connected surfaces. The analytical solutions availablefor the analysis of the behavior of those carpentry joints rely on the mechanical properties ofwood. In particular, the stiffness properties of wood under compression are crucial for the forcesequilibrium. Simulations showed that the stiffness values considered in each of the springs normallyassumed in the analytical models, have great influence in the bearing capacity and stiffnessof the dovetail joints, with important consequence on the stress distribution over the overallstructure. In a wide experimental campaign, the properties under compression of the most commonwood species of existing timber structures have been determined. Then, a solved exampleof a dovetail joint is presented assuming different wood species and the corresponding strengthand stiffness properties values obtained in the tests.