Numerical and experimental analysis of full scale arches reinforced with GFRP materials


Basílio, Ismael; Fedele, Roberto; Lourenço, Paulo B.; Milani, Gabriele

Masonry; FRP strengthening; Masonry arches; Delamination; Limit analysis; FEM

In this contribution, original limit analysis numerical results are presented dealing with somereinforced masonry arches tested at the University of Minho-UMinho, PT. Twelve in-scale circularmasonry arches were considered, reinforced in various ways at the intrados or at the extrados.GFRP reinforcements were applied either on undamaged or on previously damaged elements, inorder to assess the role of external reinforcements even in repairing interventions. The experimentalresults were critically discussed at the light of limit analysis predictions, based on a 3D FEheterogeneous upper bound approach. Satisfactory agreement was found between experimentalevidences and the numerical results, in terms of failure mechanisms and peak load.