Novel auxetic structures from basalt braided composites for structural applications


Subramani, P.; Rana, Sohel; Oliveira, Daniel V.; Fangueiro, Raúl

Composites for structural

Auxetic materials are a class of materials behaves unusual way compared to regular materials i.e. possess negative Poisson’s ratio. This paper reports, the development of auxetic structures based on re-entrant hexagon design from braided composite materials and testing of the mechanical properties (tensile property, auxetic property and work of rupture). The structure developed from glass and basalt braided composite rods and properties were compared between them. Later, the basic re-entrant hexagon design was modified with vertical straight rods to improve their mechanical behavior and their auxetic property was studied. Auxetic behavior of these structures was studied in a tensile testing machine taking video during testing by Digital camera, later the video converted into images to measure the strain values using simple software, ImageJ. Along with experimental work, analytical model was used to calculate the Poisson’s ratio of basic structure and results were compared