TU1406 COST Action - Quality specifications for roadway bridges, standardization at a European level (BridgeSpec)


Matos, José C.

Asset management strategies rely on maintenance actions to keep infrastructures at desired levels of performance. In case of roadway bridges, specific performance indicators are established for their components and, when combined, allow to evaluate the overall performance. These indicators, which can be qualitative or quantitative based, are obtained during principal inspections through visual examination, non-destructive testing and by temporary or permanent monitoring systems. After being obtained, these indicators are then compared with performance goals in order to evaluate if quality control plans are accomplished. It is possible to verify the existence in Europe of multiple methods used to quantify these indicators and how such goals are specified. COST Action TU1406 aims to establish a European guideline in this matter, addressing new indicators related to sustainable and economic performance of roadway bridges. An overview of this Action, with a special liaison to the sustainability issues, is provided along this paper.