A computational framework for infrastructure asset maintenance scheduling


Denysiuk, Roman; Fernandes, João; Matos, José C.; Neves, Luís C.; Berardinelli, Ugo

Maintenance; Infrastructure; Performance; Optimization; Road bridge

This paper presents a computational framework for the optimization of maintenance activities for infrastructure assets, with particular emphasis being placed on road network assets. This framework incorporates degradation and maintenance models for infrastructure assets along with multi-objective optimization for searching optimal maintenance schedules. Given a schedule of maintenance actions, the future performance is estimated by means of a Monte Carlo simulation that enables to account for inherent uncertainties. The design variables of optimization are the types of maintenance actions and their timing over the planning horizon. The objectives are to minimize both the asset degradation and maintenance cost. This includes satisfaction of constraints representing performance demands. The proposed framework is general and can be applied to different types of infrastructure assets. The numerical results, obtained for a road bridge managed by a highway operating agency, demonstrate the validity and usefulness of the proposed framework.