SUSTIMS – Sustainable Infrastructure Management System


Neves, Carlos; Matos, José C.; Neves, Luis

SustIMS; Infrastructure Maintenance; Pavements; Structures; Retaining walls; Slopes; Telematics; Degradation forecasts; Decision support tool; Optimized scenarios; Innovation; Intelligent system

SustIMS - Sustainable Infrastructure Management System is a new, innovative and top-line intelligent system for managing road infrastructure maintenance, whose development results from a cooperation between Ascendi, a Motorway Operator, and two Universities (Minho and Nova-Lisboa), partially financed by an EU program for innovation. SustIMS is a cutting-edge decision support tool for managing road maintenance, which integrates historic and real time information available in a GIS platform in order to predict performance of infrastructure elements (pavements, bridges, retaining walls, slopes, telematics, etc), advising on the best maintenance and/or rehabilitation strategies to achieve the most cost-effective solutions within a long life perspective.