In situ testing and modeling of cultural heritage buildings in Peru


Lourenço, Paulo B.; Karanikoloudis, G; Greco, F

This paper provides the results of in situ testing and modelling of four case studies in Peru and is part of the ongoing Seismic Retrofitting Project, under the auspices of the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI): CasaArones (Cusco), Hotel Comércio (Lima), Ica Cathedral (Ica) and KuñoTambo (Acomayo).These are mostly earthen buildings made with adobe, with the presence of large amounts of timber and, in some cases, brick masonry and rubble stone masonry (mostly for the base course in contact with the ground). In situ testing consist of an extensive sonic testing campaign and dynamic identification. Advanced modeling of two case studies allowed demonstrating that these structures have a high vulnerability and require strengthening measures.