Tensile and bond characterization of natural fibers embeeded in inorganic matrices


Ghiassi, Bahman; Razavizadeh, Arezoo; Oliveira, Daniel V.; Marques, Vera Lúcia Sousa; Lourenço, Paulo B.

Fiber Reinforced Mortar; FRM; Masonry; Strengthening; Natural fibers; Tensile; Mechanical characterization; Flax fiber; Reinforced mortar; Mechanical properties; Bond characteristics; Pull-out test

Innovative composite materials made of continuous fibers embedded in mortar matrices have been recently received attention for externally bonded reinforcement of masonry structures. In this regards, application of natural fibers for strengthening of the repair mortars is attractive due to their low specific weight, sustainability and recycability. This paper presents experimental characterization of tensile and pull-out behavior of natural fibers embedded in two different mortar-based matrices. A lime-based and a geopolymeric-based mortar are used as sustainable and innovative matrices. The obtained experimental results and observations are presented and discussed.