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SAHC 1998

2nd International Seminar on Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions

Barcelona, Spain

04-06 November 1998



Organizing Committee:

P. Roca

Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Spain


J.L. González

Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Spain


E. Oñate

Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Spain


P.B. Lourenço

Universidade do Minho, Portugal





ISBN 84-89925-26-7
Eds: P. Roca, J.L. González, E. Oñate, P.B. Lourenço:

Possibilities of numerical and experimental techniques


[001]     Jacques Heyman:
Mechanical behaviour or arches and vaults

[002]     Robert Mark:
High Gothic Cathedral Structure: Critique of the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca

[003]     Miguel A. Astiz:
The importance of earthquake - The case of the Comares Tower in the Alhambra Palace of Granada

[004]     Giorgio Macchi:
Problems related to the original conception - The case of Pavia Cathedral

[005]     Paulo B. Lourenço:
Experimental and numerical issues in the modelling of the mechanical behaviour of masonry

[006]     Climent Molins:
Numerical simulation of the ultimate response of arch bridges

[007]     Alfonso Nappi:
Non-destructive techniques and system identification applied to historical constructions

[008]     Nicola Macchioni:
Inspection techniques for ancient wooden structures

[009]     Pier P. Rossi and Christian Rossi:
Surveillance and monitoring of ancient structures: Recent developments

[010]     Clara Bertolini Cestari:
Intervention and repair techniques in wooden ancient structures

[011]     José L. González:
Understanding historical structures: Gaudí and the Palau Güell

[012]     Pere Roca, Lara Pellegrini, Eugenio Oñate and Alex Hanganu:
Analysis of the structure of Gothic Cathedrals. Application to Barcelona Cathedral

[013]     Luigia Binda and C. Modena:
Examples of intervention in ancient constructions

[014]     Robert Mark:
Monitoring differential settlement and thermal movement at Washington National Cathedral

[015]     Giorgio Croci:
The collapses occurred in the Basilica of St. Francis of Assissi and in the Cathedral of Noto

[016]     Leandro Cámara and Pablo Latorre:
Saint Mary's Cathedral in Vitoria. Study of its structure and restoration proposals

[017]     Andrea Chiarugi, Salvatore G. Morano and Gianni Bartoli:
The surveillance of Brunelleschis Dome in Florence