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SAHC 2001

3rd International Seminar on Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions

Guimarães, Portugal

07-09 November 2001



Organizing Committee:

Paulo B. Lourenço

Universidade do Minho, Portugal


Pere Roca

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain





ISBN 972-8692-01-3
Eds: Paulo B. Lourenço, Pere Roca:

Invited Lectures


[001]     J. Delgado Rodrigues:
Consolidation of decayed stones. A delicate problem with few practical solutions

[002]     K. E. P. Van Balen:
Learning form damage of masonry structures, expert systems can help!

[003]     L. Binda, A. Saisi:
Non destructive testing applied to historic buildings: The case of some Silician Churches

[004]     S. Huerta:
Mechanics of masonry vaults: The equilibrium approach

[005]     P. Roca:
Studies on the structure of Gothic Cathedrals

[006]     P. B. Lourenço:
Analysis of historical constructions: From thrust-lines to advanced simulations

[007]     G. Tampone:
Acquaintance of the ancient timber structures

[008]     C. F. Carocci:
Guidelines for the safety and preservation of historical centres in seismic areas

[009]     W. Jäger, T. Burkert:
The reconstruction of the Frauenkirche in Dresden

Historical Aspects and General Methodology


[010]     N. Mavlyanova, V. Ismailov, M. Zakirov, I. Rydvansky:
Influences of human activity on deformations of ancient structures Ichan-Kala in Khiva City

[011]     M. Altin:
The strutural analysis of domes: From Pantheon until Reichstag

[012]     J. Aguiar:
Urban image and historical buildings: Renders and paintings conservation, some theoretical and practical implications

[013]     A. Uçar:
A study of the 2nd diazoma of the Side Theater

[014]     M. Kapti, Ö. S. Ökten:
The structural systems of semi-masonry houses built at Fener (Istanbul) in 19th Century

[015]     M. Nishiyama:
A study of the church of St. Paul in Macao and the transformation of Portuguese architecture

[016]     T. G. Limón, A. M. Hortelano, B. M. Fernández:
A brief analysis of the Roman bridges of the way ''La via de la Plata”

[017]     M. Hamamcioglu:
Exploration of relations between structural and spatial aspects of some early Republican buildings in Turkey

[018]     J. L. Akasaki, S. Garcia:
Actions implanted to promote the restoration of Emperor D. Pedro II's Palace in the city of Itapura - S. P. - Brazil

[019]     J. M. L. Carvalho:
The heritage at risk survey

[020]     I. B. Horváth, I. Popa, A. Bacsó, A. Puskás:
Approaches of the technical state and behaviour for old structures in brick vaults

[021]     S. M. Genin:
The nave vault of the Hieronymites Monastery Church in Lisbon

[022]     J. P. Szolomicki, P. Berkowsk:
Architectural and constructional modelling of tower of historical church

[023]     G. Macchi:
Diagnosis of the facade of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome

[024]     K. C. Normandin, M. A. Petermann:
Stone cladding technology: Monitoring and intervention techniques for stabilization



[025]     A. M. P. Carneiro, M. L. Costa:
Chemical and mineralogical characterization of mortars from the Bolonha Palace in the city of Belém, state of Pará - Brasil

[026]     M. M. Oliveira, T. B. C. Sanjad, C. J. P. Bastos:
Biological degradation of glazed ceramic tiles

[027]     V. B. Bosiljkov:
The use of industrial and traditional limes for lime mortars

[028]     M. R. Veiga, J. Aguiar, A. S. Silva, F. Carvalho:
Methodologies for characterisation and repair of mortars of ancient buildings

[029]     J. M. S. Matias, C. A. S. Alves:
Decay patterns of granite stones in Braga monuments (NW Portugal)

[030]     A. L. Velosa, M. R. Veiga:
The use of pozzolans as additives in lime mortars for employment in building rehabilitation

[031]     M. I. M. Torres, V. P. Freitas:
Modelling of rising damp in historical buildings

[032]     M. O. Figueiredo, J. P. Veiga, T. P. Silva:
Materials and reconstruction techniques at the Aqueduct of Carthage since the Roman period

Inspection and Experimental Techniques


[033]     M. J. Henriques, J. Casaca:
Monotoring vertical displacements by means of geometric levelling

[034]     S. Ivorra, J. R. Cervera:
Analysis of the dynamic actions when bells are swinging on the bell-tower of Bonrepos i Mirambell Churh (Valencia, Spain)

[035]     D. Inaudi, N. Casanova, B. Glisic:
Long-term deformation monitoring of historical constructions with fiber optic sensors

[036]     M. L. Beconcini:
Structural characterisation of a medieval bell tower: First historical, experimental and numerical investigations

[037]     M. Sklodowski, W. Cudny:
Laser stereogrammeter and its application to measurement of tilt of Gothic pillars

[038]     C. Sicilia, T. G. Hughes, G. N. Pande:
The capabilities of centrifuge modelling and homogenisation techniques for the in-service analysis of historical constructions

[039]     A. G. Palacio, J. D. Hernández, J. J. Aldasoro:
Monitoring and structural analysis of the church ''Santa Maria de Elexondo (Zeanuri)'

[040]     M. Llorens, P. Mata, J. C. Araiza, P. Roca:
Damage characterization in stone columns by dynamic test. Application to the Cloister of Girona Cathedral, Spain

[041]     G. Fabbrocino, G. Manfredi :
In-situ investigations for structural assessment of Temple C in Selinunte (Italy)

[042]     A. T. Vermeltfoort:
Analysis and experiments of masonry arches

Analysis Techniques


[043]     J. P. Valcárcel:
Structural modelling of medieval walls

[044]     A. Orduña, P. B. Lourenço:
Limit analysis as a tool for the simplified assessment of ancient masonry structures

[045]     B. Harvey, E. Maunder:
Thrust line analysis of complex masonry structures using spreadsheets

[046]     H. Parland, A. Miettinen:
Transverse cracking and horizontal thrust in flattened arches

[047]     G. Creazza, A. V. Saetta, R. Matteazzi, R. V. Vitaliani:
Analysis of masonry structures reinforced by FRP

[048]     A. Drei, A. Fontana:
Load carrying capacity of multiple-leaf masonry arches

[049]     G. M. Roeder-Carbo, A. G. Ayala:
An evaluation of methods for the determination of the structural stability of historic masonry arches

[050]     J. López-Rey, E. Vega, F. Muñoz:
The influence of the hoop's stiffness in the roofs strengths of Bellesguard buildings

[051]     F. S. Muñoz, J. C. Maristany, J. L. López-Rey:
VRML as a tool for the visualisation of numerical results obtained in the analysis of historical structures

[052]     G. Frunzio, M. Monaco, A. Gesualdo:
Constitutive behaviour of masonry

[053]     G. Frunzio, M. Monaco, A. Gesualdo:
3D F.E.M. analysis of a Roman arch bridge

[054]     A. Kumar:
Virtual-3D analysis of Clifton suspension bridge

[055]     J. A. M. Martinez, J. M. Revilla, A. A. Torre:
Critical thickness criteria on stone arch bridges with low rise/span ratio and current traffic loads

[056]     D. D'Ayala, C. Casapulla:
Limit state analysis of hemispherical domes with finite friction

[057]     M. R. Valluzzi, C. Modena:
Experimental analysis and modelling of masonry vaults strengthened by FRP

[058]     L. Berto, R. Scotta, R. V. Vitaliani, A. V. Saetta:
An orthotropic damage model for non linear masonry walls analysis: Irreversible strain and friction effects

[059]     P. Hradil, J. Žák, D. Novák, M. Lavický:
Stochastic analysis of historical masonry structures

[060]     M. Como, U. Ianniruberto, M. Imbimbo:
A rigid plastic model of the under-excavation technique applied to stabilise leaning towers

[061]     M. Como, U. Ianniruberto, M. Imbimbo:
Limit analysis of the structures of Colosseum

[062]     A. Brencich, L. Gambarotta, A. Ghia:
Structural models for the assessment of the masonry dome of the Basilica of S. Maria of Carignano in Geno

[063]     J. G. Rots:
The role of structural modelling in preserving Amsterdam architectural city heritage

[064]     P. B. Lourenço, S. Mourão:
Safety assessment of Monastery of Jerónimos, Lisbon

[065]     L. Binda, A. Saisi, S. Messina, S. Tringali:
Mechanical damage due long term behaviour of multiple leaf pillars in Sicilian Churches

[066]     G. M. Roberti, O. Spina:
Discrete element analysis on the Sardinian “Nuraghe”

[067]     E. Mele, D. Gatto, A. Luca:
Structural analysis of basilica churches: A case study

[068]     J. Alfaiate, A. Gallardo:
Numerical simulations of a full scale load test on stone masonry arch bridge

[069]     M. Karaveziroglou, E. Stavrakakis, P. Lazarides, A. Liolios, M. Giannopoulou, Y. Roukounis, M. Yeroyianni:
A comparative analysis of some historical stone arch bridges in Greece by two new numerical approaches

[070]     C. Casapulla, P. Jossa:
A safety method in static analysis of block masonry

[071]     A. S. Gago, A. R. G. Lamas:
Structural analysis of the vault of the Church of S. Francisco in Évora

Historical Timber Structures


[072]     E. C. Araújo, M. F. Santos, M. B. Ferreira:
Structural solutions in wood in order to recovery historical monuments from Ouro Preto-Brazil

[073]     G. Redondo, R. Aroca:
Study of the buildings systems used in domestic architecture of 17th-19th centuries in Madrid

[074]     T. Cobancaoglu:
“Himis” construction system in traditional Turkish wooden houses

[075]     C.L. Liñan, P.R. Hita, J.C.G. Cózar:
Study, diagnosis and rehabilitation of the wooden slabs of two palace houses in Seville

[076]     G. Bamonte, C. Ceraldi, E. R. Ermolli:
Construction of structural schemes for ancient timber structures

[077]     C. C. Santiago:
Some remarks on wood experiments carried out in Brazil in the 18th century

[078]     C. B. Cestari, A. Lucchio:
Interventions on historical building timber floors: Retractable - visible? invasive - not visible? A case study

[079]     H. Cruz, J. P. Moura, J. S. Machado:
The use of FRP in the strengthening of timber - reinforced masonry load-bearing walls

[080]     C. D. M. Teles, A. Valle:
Wood structures: Acting before deterioration

[081]     L. Nunes, T. Nobre:
Strategies of subterranean termite control in buildings

Seismic Behaviour and Strengthening


[082]     R. Meli, D. Rivera, E. Miranda:
Measured seismic response of the Mexico City Cathedral

[083]     E. Reale, C. Paguni, S. Floridia:
Static and dynamic analysis of S. Peter tower in Modica, Ragusa, Sicily

[084]     M. Matova:
Seismotectonic danger for medieval Dragalevtsi monastery (Sofia, Bulgaria)

[085]     A. Drei, C. S. Oliveira:
The seismic behaviour of the ''Aqueduto da Amoreira'' in Elvas using distinct element modelling

[086]     D. Angelova:
Neotectonic, geodynamic and ecological problems in the region of the ''Madara horseman'' monument, Madara plateau (NE Bulgaria)

[087]     A. Mandara, F. M. Mazzolani:
Energy dissipation devices in seismic up-grading of monumental buildings

[088]     C. Modena, P. Franchetti, D. Zonta, R. Menga, E. Pizzigalli, F. Ravasio, M. Muti, R. Meloni, G. Bordone:
Static and dynamic analyses of ''Maniace Castle'' in Siracusa-Sicily

[089]     V. C. Silva, P. B. Lourenço, L. F. Ramos, C. G. Mesquita:
Accounting for the ''block effect'' in structural interventions in Lisbon's old ''Pombaline'' downtown buildings

[090]     J. Molina, Y. Pape, P. Pegon:
Seismic assessment of masonry structures - Experimental program

[091]     Y. Pape, A. Anthoine, P. Pegon:
Seismic assessment of masonry structures - Multi-scale numerical modelling

[092]     A. Pinto, J. Molina, P. Pegon, V. Renda:
Protection of the cultural heritage at the ELSA Laboratory

[093]     A. Giordano, E. Mele, A. Luca:
Assessment of the seismic capacity of triumphal arches

Consolidation and Strengthening Techniques


[094]     E. N. Vintzileou, E. E. Toumbakari:
The effect of deep rejointing on the compressive strength of brick masonry

[095]     A. Pinto, S. Ferreira, V. Barros:
Underpinning solutions of historical constructions

[096]     P. Stepánek, J. Czempiel:
Additional reinforcement in the masonry of historical buildings: tests, numerical analysis, practical application

[097]     M.R. Valluzzi, F. Porto, C. Modena:
Behaviour of multi-leaf stone masonry walls strengthened by different intervention technique

[098]     P. Berkowski, G. Dmochowski:
Examples of strengthening of main walls in old buildings

[099]     S. B. Bati, T. Rotunno:
Environmental durability of the bond between the CFRP composite materials and masonry structures

[100]     N. G. Shrive, M. J. Masia, S. L. Lissel:
Strengthening and rehabilitation of masonry using fibre reinforced polymers

[101]     S. B. Bati, L. Rovero:
Experimental validation of a proposed numerical model for the FRP consolidation of masonry arches

Case Studies


[102]     B. Ipekoglu, M. Hamamcioglu:
Remedial interventions for structural problems caused by fire in a historical building

[103]     S. C. Deshpande, S. Savant:
Restoration of Capela da Nossa Senhora do Monte - Old Goa

[104]     E. Logosek:
Reconstruction of the Jupiter's temple baptistery of St. John in Split, Croatia

[105]     J. Monjo, B. Lauret, J. M. Valero:
Analysis of the structural functioning of the church of San Pedro de los Francos in Calatayud (S.XIV)

[106]     M. F. Tewfik, A. Fareed, R. Fouad:
Protection and strengthening of the Holly Family Crypt at Abu-Sega church

[107]     C. Carocci, S. Cocina, C. Gavarini, C. Tocci, G. Valente:
Constructive, historical and numerical analyses for seismic strengthening interventions in San Nicolò church (Catania)

[108]     M. Contaldo, S. Frasca:
Repair and improvement of Buonopane bridge in Ischia

[109]     J. O. P. Ferrare, J. G. Tavares:
The Convent of Santa Maria Madalena – Alagoas – in project of preventive conservation

[110]     P. Cordeiro:
The Grand Place of Brussels

[111]     F. Martins:
Rehabilitation of the Minho line’s Areosa and Afife masonry railway bridges

Invited Lectures (Late Submission)


[112]     G. Croci:
Strengthening of monuments under the effect of static loads, soil settlements and seismic actions - Examples