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SAHC 2006

5th International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions

New Delhi, India

06-08 November 2006



Organizing Committee:

Paulo B. Lourenço

University of Minho, Portugal


Pere Roca

Technical University of Catalonia, Spain


Claudio Modena

University of Padua, Italy


Shailesh Agrawal

Central Building Research Institute, India





ISBN 978-1-4039-3156-6
Eds: Paulo B. Lourenço, Pere Roca, Claudio Modena, Shailesh Agrawal:

Invited Lectures


[001]     N.M. Thakur:
Technological Knowledge Systems Approach: From Little Insights to a Paradigm shift in Structural Knowledge and Application

[002]     P. Roca:
The Study and Restoration of Historical Structures: From Principles to Practice

[003]     M. F. Drdácký:
Experimental Approach to the Analysis of Historic Timber and Masonry Structures

[004]     E. Vintzileou:
Grouting of Three-Leaf Stone Masonry: Types of Grouts, Mechanical Properties of Masonry before and after Grouting

[005]     P.B. Lourenço, A. Zucchini, G. Milani, A. Tralli:
Homogenisation Approaches for Structural Analysis of Masonry Buildings

[006]     R. Langenbach:
From “Opus Craticium” to the “Chicago Frame”: Earthquake Resistant Traditional Construction

[007]     C. Viggiani:
Safety and Use vs. Integrity of Historical Constructions: Conflict or Synergy?

[008]     C. Modena, F. Casarin, M.R. Valuzzi, F. da Porto:
Codes of Practice for Architectural Heritage in Seismic Zones

[009]     D. D'Ayala, A. Copping, H. Wang:
A Conceptual Model for Multi-Hazard Assessment of the Vulnerability of Historic Buildings

[010]     S. Mascarenhas:
Conservation of Architectural Heritage in India: The Fundação Oriente Experience

Historical Aspects and General Methodology


[011]     F. Fraga, G. Monti, G. Scalora:
A Conservation Plan Method for Historical City Centres

[012]     K. Reyhan, B. Ýpekoðlu:
Investigation of Construction Techniques and Materials in a Group of Ottoman Baths

[013]     H. Dişkaya:
Historical Development of Traditional Earthquake-Resistant Construction Techniques in Anatolia

[014]     X. Romão, E. Paupério, J. Guedes, A. Costa:
Authoring and Multimedia Technologies for Management and Presentation of Information on Heritage Constructions

[015]     R. Bustamante, B. Lauret, J. Monjo, J.M. Valero:
Preliminary Study and Proposal for Restoring a Jesuit College at Saragossa, Spain

[016]     M. Alper:
Design Characteristics and Contructional Techniques of a Byzantine Cistern in Istanbul

[017]     M. Hejazi:
Bam Citadel after the Earthquake

[018]     R. Günay:
The Space-Structure Relation in Sinan's Works

[019]     S. Casiello:
Streghtening for Preservation

[020]     J.P. Tarachand, B.N. Tandon:
Comparative Analysis of an Antic Stone with Restored Stone of Restoration Project

[021]     L. Roşiu:
Structural Arguments in the Analysis and Conservation of Some Romanesque Churches in Romania

[022]     I. Bucur-Horváth, A. Paşca-Hedeş, J. Virág, M. Bindea:
Researches on historical constructions built in several stages

[023]     A. Brencich, R. Morbiducci:
Masonry Arches: Historical Rules and Modern Mechanics

[024]     M. Mende:
The Berlin AEG Turbine Fitting Shop by Peter Behrens and Karl Bernhard

[025]     S.J. Kelley, P. Sparks:
The Challenges of Structural Stabilization Following the Hurricane Katrina Disaster

[026]     S. Gupta:
Delhi Domes in Transition

[027]     M.G. D'Amelio:
The Tecnology for the Raising of the Broken Obelisks the Cases of the San Giovanni in Laterano Obelisk (Roma 1587) and the Axum Stelae (Tigray 2006)

[028]     A.M. Dixit, J.K. Bothara, S.N. Shrestha, B.K. Upadhyay, M. Gupta, A. Sharma:
Understanding Traditional Wisdom of Earthquake-Resistant Construction in the Himalayas

[029]     B.T. de Oliveira, V.A. Braide:
Conservation and Restoration of Brazilian Colonial Architecture

[030]     G. Arun:
Behaviour of Masonry Vaults and Domes: Geometrical Considerations

[031]     F.P. Gálvez, C.R. Liñán, P.R. de Hita:
Determination of the Mechanical Characteristics of Masonry Walls of the Traditional Housing in Seville between 1700 and 1900

Timber Structures


[032]     M. Piazza, M. Riggio:
The Reconstruction of the Timber Roof of the “Pieve” in Cavalese

[033]     D. Blersch, M. Balzani, G. Tampone:
The Simulated Timber Structure of the Volumnis' Hypogeum in Perugia, Italy

[034]     C. Bertolini, L. Cestari, T. Marzi, N. Macchioni, B. Pizzo, O. Pignatelli:
New Methodological Approaches To The Survey on Timber Historical Foundations

[035]     M. Mattone:
The Use of X-ray Images for the Assessment of the State of Preservation of Strengthening Interventions on Wooden Structures

[036]     B. Calderoni, C. Giubileo, F.M. Mazzolani, G. De Matteis:
Experimental Correlations between Destructive and Non-Destructive Tests on Ancient Timber Elements

[037]     J. Branco, P. Cruz, M. Piazza, H. Varum:
Strengthening Techniques of Portuguese Traditional Timber Connections

[038]     Le Thanh Vinh:
Frame Structure of Vietnam Traditional Wooden Architecture

[039]     J. Jasieñko, L.J. Engel, P. Rapp:
Study of Strains and Stresses in Historical Carpentry Joints

[040]     B. Tom:
Traditional Responses of Moisture Related Decay Mitigation in Timber Architecture of Travancore (kerala) - A Search into the Traditional Knowledge Base

[041]     N. Macchioni, M. Piazza:
Italian Standardisation Activity in the Field of Diagnosis and Restoration of Ancient Timber Structures

[042]     N. Gattesco, L. Macorini:
Strengthening and Stiffening Ancient Wooden Floors with Flat Steel Profiles

[043]     B. Gy. Szabó:
Restoration Of historic roof structures on Common Rafters and Tie-Beams with Collars

[044]     P.P. Derinaldis, G. Tampone, G. Tempesta:
Timber Strengthening Systems Operated On The Vasari's Ceiling in Palazzo Vecchio

[045]     B. Messeri, G. Tampone, G. Tempesta:
Injuries, Past Repairs and Conservation Views for Stabilization of Sakyamuni Tower, China

[046]     P. Berkowski, G. Dmochowski, M.Y. Minch, J.P. Szołomicki:
Analysis of Pre' Failure State of Histiorical Wooden Church

[047]     A. Marini, E. Giuriani:
Transformation of Wooden Roof Pitches into Antiseismic Shear Resistance Diaphragms

[048]     C.R. Liñán, P.R. de Hita, J.C. Gómez de Cózar, F.P.Gálvez:
Analysis, Intervention and Repair of Timber Structures

[049]     J. Chapman:
Historic Timber Structures in New Zealand – Restoration Works and Lessons for the Future

[050]     A. Marzo, B. Faggiano, F.M. Mazzolani:
Analysis of Wooden Roofing Structures in Monumental Buildings

[051]     A. Soikkeli, J. Koiso-Kanttila:
Kärsämäki Church in Finland – Modern Language of Form Combined with Old Techniques and Craftsmanship

[052]     C. Ceraldi, E.R. Ermolli:
Timber Coverings of Palatine Chapel in Caserta Royal Palace

[053]     D.W. Porter, D.C. Fischetti:
On Acceptable Levels of Safety in the Breeding Barn at Shelburne Farms

[054]     I. Kirizsán:
Gothic Roof Structures Modelling

[055]     S. Akarsu, N.Ş. Güçhan:
An Evaluation on Post Disaster and Timber Framed Houses by Macro Approach Based Assessment

[056]     J.-L. Sandoz, Y. Benoit:
Acousto-Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Evaluation of Historical Wooden Structures

Non-Destructive Testing, Inspection and Monitoring


[057]     L. Schueremans, K. Van Balen, P. Smars, V. Peeters, D. Van Gemert:
Hydrostatic Levelling System: Monitoring of Historical Structures

[058]     C. Szymczak, H. Walukiewicz, A. Tomaszewska:
Application of Structural Dynamic Methods in Diagnosis of Historic Buildings

[059]     A. Carpinteri, S. Invernizzi, G. Lacidogna:
AE Structural Assessment of a XVIIth Century Masonry Vault

[060]     R. Keersmaekers, L. Schueremans, F. Van Rickstal, D. Van Gemert, M. Knapen, D. Posen:
NDT-Control of Injection of an Appropriate Grout Mixture for the Consolidation of the Columns Foundations of Our Lady's Basilica at Tongeren (B)

[061]     J.C.A. Garaygordóbil, H.R. Escalante, A.O. Bustamante:
Dynamic Identification of Detachment Conditions on Prehispanic Mural Paintings in Central Mexico

[062]     J. Guedes, A. Costa, E. Paupério:
Reinforcement and In Situ Testing of the Upper-Choir of Pópulo Church in Braga, Portugal

[063]     R. Plagge:
Moisture and Salt Mapping by TRD in the Historical Stonework of the Finca Marina-Manresa in Mallorca

[064]     M. Camaiti, P. Fantazzini, M. Gombia:
NMR Techniques for Non-Destructive Investigations of Historical Stone Artefacts

[065]     A. Carpinteri, G. Lacidogna, G. Niccolini:
Medieval Towers as Sensitive Earthquake Receptors

[066]     G. Martínez, P. Roca, O. Caselles, J. Clapés:
Characterization of the Dynamic Response of the Structure Of Mallorca Cathedral

[067]     S. Ivorra, F.J. Pallarés, M.L. Romero:
Numerical and Experimental Study of the Dynamic Behavior of San Nicolás Belltower (Valencia, Spain)

[068]     W. Lorenz:
Iterative System Identification for the Assessment and Retrofitting of a Historical Pre-Stressed Concrete Bridge in Berlin

[069]     D. Zonta, M. Pozzi, P. Zanon:
Monitoring Historic Buildings Using Distributed Technologies

[070]     L.F. Ramos, F. Casarin, C. Algeri, P.B. Lourenço, C. Modena:
Investigation Techniques Carried out on the Qutb Minar, New Delhi, India

[071]     L.F. Ramos, G. de Roeck, P.B. Lourenço, A. Campos-Costa:
Vibration Based Damage Identification of Masonry Structures

[072]     E. Speranza, A. Viskovic, V. Sepe:
Integrated Methods for the Assessment of the Structural Vulnerability of Historic Towers

[073]     M.L. Beconcini, P. Croce, M. Mengozzi:
Dynamic Monitoring and Model Updating of a Masonry Bell Tower in Pisa

[074]     C. Finkenstein, H. Petzold, P. Häupl, B. Bhattacharjee:
Solar Radiation Measurements and Modelling at the Humayun´s Tomb, New Delhi

Experimental Results and Laboratory Tests


[075]     G. Ferrari:
Chemical Anchoring Systems for Strengthening and Structural Restoration Purposes

[076]     E.N. Vintzileou, D.A. Papadopoulou, V.A. Palieraki:
Mechanical Properties of Masonry Reinforced with Timber Ties

[077]     M. Kosior-Kazberuk, M. Gawlicki, A. Rakowska:
Study on Historic Mortars Produced from Artificial Hydraulic Lime

[078]     F. Peña, F. Prieto, P.B. Lourenço, A. Campos-Costa:
Dynamical Behaviour of Rigid Block Structures Subjected to Earthquake Motion

[079]     M. Blondet, J. Vargas, J. Velasquez, N. Tarque:
Experimental Study of the Synthetic Mesh Reinforcement of Historical Adobe Buildings

[080]     C.-E. Adami, E. Vintzileou, E.-E. Toumbakari:
Investigation of the Bond Mechanism between Stones or Bricks and Grouts

[081]     R. Vedamuthu, D. Jayanthi:
Conservation of a sAndstone Monument at Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu, India

[082]     T.M.A. Bonilla, A.M.P. Carneiro:
Study of Mortars for Repair by Anastylosis of Ruins of Our Lady of Nazareth Church (Almagre ruins), Cabedelo, Paraíba, Brazil

[083]     R. Plagge, J. Grunewald, P. Häupl:
Water Retention Transfer Functions of Old Ceramic Bricks

[084]     A. Brencich, E. Sterpi:
Compressive Strength of Solid Clay Brick Masonry: Calibration of Experimental Tests and Theoretical Issues

[085]     A. Brignola, S. Podestà, S. Lagomarsino:
Experimental Results of Shear Strength and Stiffness of Existing Masonry Walls

[086]     M.F. Drdácký, J. Lesák, S. Pospíšil, Z. Slí_ková:
Tests on Gothic Sandstone Pinnacles Subjected to a Combined Climatic Load

[087]     E. Vintzileou, A. Miltiadou-Fezans, A. Vrouva, S. Anagnostopoulou:
Mechanical Properties of Three-leaf Stone Masonry

[088]     A. Miltiadou-Fezans, E. Vintzileou, E. Papadopoulou, A. Kalagri:
Mechanical Properties of Three-leaf Stone Masonry after Grouting

[089]     P. Faccio, D. Chiffí, A. Vanin:
Structural Behaviour of Damaged Venetian Buildings: Experimental Evaluation

[090]     G. de Felice:
Experimental Investigation on Historic Brickwork Subjected to Eccentric Axial Loads

[091]     D.V. Oliveira, P.B. Lourenço, E. Garbin, M.R. Valuzzi, C. Modena:
Experimental Investigation on the Structural Behaviour and Strenthening of three-leaf Stone Masonry Walls

[092]     K. Pardeep, N.M. Bhandari:
Testing for Assessment of Load Carrying Capacity of Masonry Arch Bridges

[093]     L. Cavaleri, M. Fossetti, L. La Mendola, M. Papia:
Experimental and Analytical Out-of-pLane Behaviour of Calcarenite Masonry Walls

[094]     G. Vasconcelos, P.B. Lourenço:
Assessment of the In-plane Shear Strength of Stone Masonry Walls by Simplified Models

[095]     D. Liberatore, G. Spera, M. Mucciarelli, M.R. Gallipoli, N. Masini, V. Racina,C. Tancredi, A. Capriuoli, A. Cividini, C. Tedeschi, D. Santarsiero:
Typological and Experimental Investigation on the Adobe Buildings of Aliano (Basilicata, Italy)

[096]     M. Sklodowski:
Quasi-Non-destructive Testing of Historical Structural Materials using Micro-Cores

[097]     R. Barthel, M. Beckh:
Construction and Structural Behaviour of Lead Joints in Gothic Stone Structures

[098]     D.E. Akbulut, F. Aköz:
Effects of Pozzolanas on Mechanical Properties of Mortars in Historical Buildings

Analytical and Numerical Approaches


[099]     T. Aoki, D. Sabia, D. Rivella, T. Komiyama:
Structural Characterization of Rakanji Stone Arch Bridge by Numerical Model Updating

[100]     T. Aoki, H. Muto, E. Murdolo:
Structural Identification and Seismic Vulnerability of the Tower of Matilde in Italy

[101]     S. Chandran, A.M. Prasad, D. Menon:
Structural Behaviour of the Corbelled Vaults of Ta Prohm

[102]     S. Ignoul, L. Schueremans, J. Tack, L. Swinnen, S. Feytons, L. Binda,D. Van Gemert, K. Van Balen:
Creep Behaviour of Masonry Structures - Failure Prediction Based on Archeological Model and Laboratory Tests

[103]     L. Schueremans, D. Van Gemert:
Probability Density Functions for Masonry Material Parameters - A Way to Go?

[104]     G. Bartoli, M. Betti, P. Spinelli, B. Tordini:
An “Innovative” Procedure for Assessing the Seismic Capacity of Historical Tall Buildings: The “Torre Grossa” Masonry Tower

[105]     S. Casolo:
A Specific Rigid Element Model for Macro-Scale Dynamics of Monumental Masonry considering Damage and Micro-Structure Effects

[106]     M. Piazza, M. Riggio:
Numerical Analysis by FEM for the Assessment and the Strengthening of the Masonry Vaults of the “Pieve” in Cavalese

[107]     F. Prieto, F. Peña, P.B. Lourenço, J.V. Lemos:
Numerical Simulation of Rigid Blocks Subjected to Rocking Motion

[108]     M.R. Migliore, F.S. Letizia, E. Ruocco:
On the Stability of Stone Arches

[109]     M. DeJong, J.A. Ochsendorf:
Analysis of Vaulted Masonry Structures Subjected to Horizontal Ground Motion

[110]     L. Malyszko:
The Rankine-Type Criterion Aimed at Describing Masonry Orthotropy

[111]     A. Drei, A. Fontana:
Numerical and Experimental Tests on Three-leaves Stone Masonry Specimens

[112]     Z.C. Girgin, S.E. Pusat, G. Arun:
Effect of Dome Formation in Force Flow

[113]     R. Senthivel, P.B. Lourenço, G. Vasconcelos:
Analytical Modeling of Dry Stone Masonry Wall under Monotonic and Cyclic Reversed Loading

[114]     S. Giovinazzi, S. Lagomarsino, S. Resemini:
Displacement Capacity of Ancient Structures through Non-linear Kinematic and Dynamic Analyses

[115]     G.A.F. Rouxinol, P. Providência, J.V. Lemos:
The Discrete Element Method with 2D Rigid Polygonal and Circular Elements

[116]     V. Wetzk:
Assessing Historical Bridge Bearings: The Development of approaches to the “Tangential Problem”

[117]     S.R. Balasubramanian, C.V. Vaidyanathan, N. Lakshmanan, M.B. Anoop, K.B. Rao:
In-Plane Behaviour of Unreinforced Brick Masonry - A Literature Review

[118]     H. Twelmeier, S. Sperbeck, H. Budelmann:
Durability Prognosis Model of Historical Natural Stone Masonry Regarding Joint Repairing Measures

[119]     A. Giordano, A. De Luca, G. Cuomo, E. Mele, A. Romano:
Limit Analysis of Multiple Span Masonry Portal Frames

[120]     E. Curti, S. Lagomarsino, S. Podestà:
Dynamic Models for the Seismic Analysis of Ancient Bell Towers

[121]     A. Orduña, G. Roeder, J.C. Araiza:
Development of Macro-block Models for Masonry Walls Subject to Lateral Loading

[122]     M.R. Migliore, F.S. Letizia, E. Ruocco:
Disgregative Phenomenon of Antique Mortars

[123]     P.A. Jaquin, C.E. Augarde, C.M. Gerrard:
Analysis of Historic Rammed Earth Construction

[124]     M.N. Viladkar, N.M. Bhandari, P.N. Godbole, D.N. Trikha:
Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Taj Mahal Structure

[125]     S. Pantano, A. Perretti, P.P. Rossi:
Limit Analysis of Three-dimensional Masonry Structures

[126]     A. Mena, Y.M. Fahjan:
On Drilling DOF’s of Membrane Elements and Application to Historical Structures

[127]     R. Clemente, P. Roca, M. Cervera:
Damage Model with Crack Localization – Application to Historical Buildings

[128]     P. Roca, A. Andreu, L. Gil:
Limit Analysis of Masonry Constructions by 3d Funicular Modelling

[129]     F. Angotti, L. Aprile, M. Orlando, B. Ortolani, A. Vignoli:
Nonlinear Analysis and Strengthening Design of an Italian Masonry Monumental Building

[130]     C. Casapulla, P. Jossa, A. Maione:
Issues about the Dynamic Behaviour of Rigid Free-standing Blocks under Earthquake Ground Motion

[131]     C. Casapulla, D. D'Ayala:
In-Plane Collapse Behaviour of Masonry Walls with Frictional Resistances and Openings

[132]     M.A. Chiorino, R. Roccati, C. D'Addato, T. Aoki, C. Calderini, A. Spadafora:
Monitoring and Modelling Strategies for the World’s Largest Elliptical Dome at Vicoforte

[133]     C. Calderini, M.A. Chiorino, S. Lagomarsino, A. Spadafora:
Non Linear Modelling of the Elliptical Dome of Vicoforte

[134]     M.N. Varma, R.S. Jangid, V.G. Achwal:
Tension Ring in Masonry Domes

[135]     J.G. Rots, B. Belletti, M. Boonpichetvong, S. Invernizzi:
Event-by-event Strategies for Modeling Amsterdam Masonry Structures

[136]     A. Romano, J.A. Ochsendorf:
Circular, Pointed and Basket-handle Arches: A Comparison of Structural Behavior of Masonry Spans

[137]     G. Cuomo, A. De Luca, E. Mele, A. Romano:
Design Aspects in Seismic Isolation Churches

[138]     A. Giordano, A. De Luca, E. Mele, A. Romano:
Simplified Evaluation of the Horizontal Capacity of Masonry Arches

[139]     M. Czeslaw, M. Mikolaj:
The Modern Methods of Analysis in Reconstruction of the Historical Buildings

[140]     M. Mikolaj, M. Czeslaw:
Functions of the Modern Techniques and their Influence on Analyses in Reconstruction of Historic Buildings

[141]     D. Sonda, F. da Porto, M.R. Valluzzi:
Historic Masonry Buildings

[142]     M. Miri, T.G. Hughes:
The Physical and Numerical Modelling of a Repaired Masonry Arch Bridge

[143]     F. Casarin, C. Modena:
Structural Assessment and Seismic Vulnerability Analysis of the Reggio Emilia Cathedral, Italy

[144]     G. Salerno, G. Uva:
A Multiscale Approach for the Analysis Of Block Masonry under Damage and Friction

[145]     A. Baratta, O. Corbi:
Analysis of Masonry Vaulted Systems: The Barrel Vaults

[146]     A. Baratta, I. Corbi:
A Theoretical and Experimental Stress Distribution in Reinforced No-Tension Walls

[147]     P.-H. Tsai, D. D’Ayala, G. Lewis:
Finite Element Modelling of Dieh-Dou buildings in Taiwan

Innovative and Traditional Materials


[148]     J. Heikkilä:
Modern Application of the Traditional Log Construction Technique

[149]     J. Šekularac, N. Šekularac:
The Installation of Protective Construtions for Covering Archeological Excavation Sites and Medieval Buildings

[150]     A.K. Kasthurba, M. Santhanam, M.S. Mathews:
Weathering Forms and Properties of Laterite Building Stones used in Historic Monuments of Western India

[151]     U. Yergün:
Changing and Development of the Construction Tecnhology during the Westernisation Period in Ottoman Architecture

[152]     M. Camaiti, L. Dei, V. Errico:
Consolidation of Tuff: In situ Polymerization or Traditional Methods?

[153]     A.N. Modan, N. Chhaya, V. Shah:
Query in seismic resistance

[154]     A. Viskovic, F. Fumagalli:
Composite Reinforcements with iNorganic Matrices for Masonry Structures

Intervention Techniques, Restoration and Strengthening


[155]     N. Šekularac, J.I. Šekularac:
Protection from the Effect of Horizontal Forces of Remains of High Walls within Hilandar Monastery Block, on Holy Mount in Greece

[156]     B. Balduzzi, D. Mazza, D. Papis, C. Rossi, P.P. Rossi:
Experimental and Numerical Analysis for the Strengthening Intervention of the Bell-tower of St. Sisto’s Church in Bergamo

[157]     K.A. Papadopoulos:
The Restoration Study of the Connections Between the Stone Blocks in the Steps of the Temple of Apollo Epikourios

[158]     X. Li, X. Gu, Z. Zhao, W. Zhang, Y. Ouyang:
Study on Steel Reinforced Concrete Composite Beams Strengthened with Steel Plates or CFRP Sheets

[159]     M. Licchelli, J.S. Marzolla, F. Carò, G. Moggi:
Stone Surface Protection by Fluoropolymers from the Decay Caused by Mural Writings

[160]     W. Zhang, Q. Zhang, X. Gu, J. Lu, Y. Li, Q. Fu:
Safety Assessment and Strengthening of Existing Steel Frames Containing Semi-rigid Joints

[161]     P. Smars, L. Schueremans, K. Van Balen:
Monitoring the Dismantlement of Four Flying Buttresses

[162]     I.P. Cruz, G. Nieuwmeijer, G.J. Arends:
Reconstruction Post-War 1945 – Structures and Materials in Le Havre

[163]     G. Buffarini, P. Clemente, G. de Felice:
Retrofitting of Masonry Arch Bridges with FRP

[164]     A. Kwiecieñ, B. Zajac, J. Kubica:
Repair of Cracked Historical Masonry Structures by use of the Flexible Joint Method (FJM) - Laboratory Tests

[165]     L. Miranda, J. Guedes, A. Costa:
Retrofitting and Reinforcement of a Wire Suspended Bridge in Portugal

[166]     M. Lippiello, L. Dodaro, M.R. Gargiulo:
Strengthening of Neapolitan Domes Between the XVII and XVIII Century: Historical and Structural Analysis

[167]     V. Russo, G.P. Lignola, E. Cosenza, G. Tucci:
Static History and Structural Assessment of Masonry Domes. The Treasure of St. Gennaro’s Chapel in Naples

[168]     L. Binda, P. Condoleo, M. Cucarzi, Le Thành Vinh, P. Pichard, H.D. Kính:
Preservation of Temples in M Sõn (Vietnam)

[169]     S. Basu:
Investigations of Historical Structures - A Study of Rational and Irrational Forces

[170]     A. Moropoulou, N. Kouloumbi, A. Konstanti, G. Haralampopoulos, P. Michailidis:
Increasing Durability of Building Stones to Mitigate Structural Pathology of Historic Structures

[171]     R. Meli, A.R. Sánchez-Ramírez:
Structural Rehabilitation Historical Buildings Affected by Subsidience in Mexico City

[172]     M. Hoirisch, R.T.M. Ribeiro:
Restoration of Wood Structures at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

[173]     P. Berkowski, G. Dmochowski, M.Y. Minch, J.P. Szołomicki, M. Konopka:
Revitalization of Historical Apartment Houses

Seismic Behaviour and Retrofitting


[174]     M. Betti, M. Orlando, A. Vignoli:
Modelling and Analysis of an Italian Medieval Castle Under Earthquake Loading: Diagnosis and Strengthening

[175]     K. Gnanasekaran, A.K. Sengupta, D. Menon, A.M. Prasad, A.R. Santhakumar:
Seismic Evaluation and Strengthening of a Heritage Masonry Building

[176]     S. Chandran, A.M. Prasad, M.S. Mathews:
Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Qutb Minar, India

[177]     A. Azorín, F. Pallarés, S. Ivorra, M. Martín:
Analysis of the Seismic Behaviour of a Masonry Bell Tower

[178]     M.J. Cassinello:
Medieval Walls System Against Earthquakes Types: Structural Model and Qualitative Aspects

[179]     S. Maïni:
Analysis of Damages to Vaulted Structures, Arg-e-Bam and Bam Area, Iran

[180]     G. de Martino, G.P. Lignola, E. Cosenza:
The Pompeii Basilica: Knowledge for Conservation in Seismic Region

[181]     A. Costa, B. Silva, A. Costa, J. Guedes, A. Arêde:
Structural Behaviour of a Masonry Wall under Horizontal Cyclic Load; Experimental and Numerical Study

[182]     M. Urban, S. Sperbeck, U. Peil:
Approach to Assess the Seismic Risk of Historical Churches

[183]     L. Mathew, Arun M.P.:
Seismic Vulnerability Study of Historical Monuments:

[184]     M. Indirli, R. Cami, B. Carpani, C. Algeri, P. Panzeri, G. Rossi, L. Piova:
The Antiseismic Rehabilitation of Marchesale Castle at San Giuliano di Puglia

[185]     Y.M. Fahjan, H. Keypour:
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Case Studies


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Late Submission


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