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SAHC 2010

7th International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions

Shanghai, People's Republic of China

06-08 October 2010



Organizing Committee:

Xianglin Gu

Chairman, Tongji University, China


Yan Zhang

Co-Chairman, Tongji University, China


Weiping Zhang

Tongji University, China


Xiang Li

Tongji University, China


Feng Lin

Tongji University, China


Tao Chen

Tongji University, China


Xiaobin Song

Tongji University, China


Qinghua Huang

Tongji University, China


Wei Kong

Tongji University, China





ISBN 978-0-87849-239-8
Eds: Xianglin Gu, Xiaobin Song:

Invited and Keynote Papers


[001]     C. Modena, F. Da Porto, C. Filippo, M. Munari and E. Simonato:
Cultural Heritage Buildings and the Abruzzo Earthquake: Performance and Post-Earthquake Actions

[002]     X.L. Lu, W.S. Lu and X. Zhang:
New Resolution for Historic Building Conservation by Building Moving Technology

[003]     K.J. Willam, C. Citto and P.B. Shing:
Recent Results on Masonry Infill Walls

[004]     A. Turer:
Conservation of Heritage Structures in Turkey: Practice and Difficulties

[005]     B. Kasal:
In Situ Assessment of Structural Timber: State-of-the-Art, Challenges and Future Directions

[006]     F. Ottoni, E. Coïsson and C. Blasi:
The Crack Pattern in Brunelleschi's Dome in Florence: Damage Evolution from Historical to Modern Monitoring System Analysis

[007]     J. Vargas Neumann:
The Conservation of Earthen Architectural Heritage in Seismic Areas

[008]     T. Hanazato, C. Minowa, Y. Niitsu, K. Nitto, N. Kawai, H. Maekawa and M. Morii:
Seismic and Wind Performance of Five-Storied Pagoda of Timber Heritage Structure

[009]     Y. Schaffer:
Archeological Excavations: The ""Trauma"" and other Consequences on Structural Conservation of Buildings and Sites

Material and Structural Configurations


[010]     A. Çiftçi and U. Yergün:
Brick as a Construction Material in the Modernization Process of the Ottoman Architecture

[011]     Y. Iwasaki, M. Fukuda, K. Nakagawa, Y. Akazawa, I. Shimoda and T. Nakagawa:
Geotechnical Aspects of the N1 Tower, Prasat Sour Prat, Angkor Thom, Cambodia

[012]     A. Hellebois and B. Espion:
Domination of Commercial Patents in the Evolution of Early Reinforced Concrete: Case-Study of the Region of Brussels

[013]     D. Makay, B. Sándor, B. Bordás and Z. Blénesi:
From Simple Roof Structure Calculus Based on 2D Modelling to 3D Models–Case Study: Reformed Church in Cluj-N., Romania

[014]     U. Yergün and B. Çelebioğlu:
Steel Frame Construction Technology in Ottoman Architecture and “Metro Khan”

[015]     I. Tarrío:
Gothic Structural Theories Ca. 1930: The Contribution of Victor Sabouret

[016]     A. Cecchi, A. Passerini and D. Salvestrini:
The Suspension Iron Bridge of the Early 19th Century Villa Borghese in Florence (Italy)

[017]     S.H. Park, S.J. Jung, D.M. Kim and S.K. Hong:
A Case Study of the Korean Traditional Wood House-Mindori

[018]     P. Phillips:
Becoming Unsafe Overnight: Managing Historic Buildings as Building Regulations and Standards Change

[019]     C.F. Carocci, S. Cattari, S. Lagomarsino and C. Tocci:
The Case Study of Santa Maria Paganica Church Damaged by 2009 L’Aquila Earthquake

[020]     B. Çelebioğlu and S. Limoncu:
Hagios Gregorios Theologos Church in Cappadocia

[021]     F. Vegas, C. Mileto, A. Alonso and A. Martínez:
Structural Restoration of Historical Constructions Built with Gypsum Pillars and Floors for New Standards of Living

[022]     M. Cofani, V. Frignani and A. Landi:
The Complexity and the Logic Behind Historical Buildings: The Case-Study of Palazzo del Podestà in Mantova, Italy

[023]     M.P. Gatti and G. Cacciaguerra:
The First Reinforced Concrete Structures in Urban Renewal in an Italian Provincial City

Structural Inspection and Monitoring


[024]     I.M.H. Wan, B.H. Abu Bakar, J.M.A. Megat and P.J. Ramadhansyah:
Elasticity of Calcium Silicate Brick Masonry Wall Due to Sulphate Attack

[025]     I.M.H. Wan, B.H. Abu Bakar, J.M.A. Megat and P.J. Ramadhansyah:
Influence of Sulphate on the Moisture Movement of Calcium Silicate Brick Masonry Wall

[026]     M. Hossein and M. Tabrizi:
Repair and Health Monitoring for Historical Structures

[027]     S. Sánchez-Beitia and J. Barrallo:
Applicability of X-Ray Diffraction Technique for Stresses Quantification in Metallic Structural Elements

[028]     E. Verstrynge, L. Schueremans and D. Van Gemert:
Predicting the Time to Failure in Heavily Loaded Masonry Specimens with the Acoustic Emission Technique

[029]     M. Skłodowski:
Minor Destructive Testing of XVIII Century Brick Wall Using Compact Diagnostic Test CoDiT

[030]     L.F. Ramos and Z. Sharafi:
Tube-Jack Testing for Irregular Masonry Walls: First Studies

[031]     H.Y. Wu, D. Zonta, M. Pozzi, P. Zanon and M. Corrà:
Historic Buildings: Long Term Stability Evaluation Using Wireless Sensor Networks

[032]     Ö. Cizer, K. Van Balen and D. Van Gemert:
Competition between Hydration and Carbonation in Hydraulic Lime and Lime-Pozzolana Mortars

[033]     L. Balboni, P. Corradini, D. Del Curto and L. Valisi:
Historical Analysis and Structural Monitoring Cases – Studies for an Integrated Approach

[034]     L. Fiorani, L. Caneve, F. Colao, R. Fantoni, P. Ortiz, M.A. Gómez and M.A. Vázquez:
Real-Time Diagnosis of Historical Artworks by Laser-Induced Fluorescence

[035]     D. Gulotta, L. Toniolo, C. Tedeschi and L. Binda:
Commercial Ready-Mixed Mortars for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage: Characterization and Preliminary Durability Test

[036]     J. Jasieńko, T. Nowak and Ł. Bednarz:
Wrocław University’s Leopoldinum Auditorium – Tests of Its Ceiling and a Conservation and Strengthening Concept

[037]     B. Kasal and T. Tannert:
RILEM Technical Committee on In Situ Assessment of Structural Timber

[038]     L.F. Ramos, M. Alaboz and R. Aguilar:
Dynamic Identification and Monitoring of St. Torcato Church

Structural Analysis and Assessment


[039]     H. Zijlstra:
Analysing Buildings from Context to Detail in Time: The ABCD Research Method Case Study: Friesland Provincial Library in Leeuwarden

[040]     G. Giardina, M.A.N. Hendriks and J.G. Rots:
Numerical Analysis of Tunnelling Effects on Masonry Buildings: The Influence of Tunnel Location on Damage Assessment

[041]     S. Invernizzi, C. Bertolini-Cestari and E. Chiabrera:
Numerical Assessment of the Ebe Schooner-Brig

[042]     A. Carpinteri, A. De Stefano, S. Invernizzi, G. Ruocci, G. Lacidogna, A. Manuello, R. Ceravolo, L. Degiovanni and A. Quattrone:
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of a Two-Span Model Masonry Arch Bridge Subjected to Pier Scour

[043]     N. Domede and A. Sellier:
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Behaviour of Old Brick Masonries

[044]     M. Basili and A. Sinopoli:
Masonry Walls as Orthotropic No Tension Structures

[045]     A. Miltiadou-Fezans, E. Vintzileou and N. Delinikolas:
Pathology of the Katholikon of Hosios Loukas Monastery and Preliminary Structural Analysis

[046]     A. Albuerne:
The Stability of the Basilica of Maxentius in Rome

[047]     E. Verstrynge, L. Schueremans, D. Van Gemert and E. Bourel:
Long-Term Reliability of Historical Monuments Built with Low Quality Sandstone

[048]     H.S. Sousa, P.B. Lourenço and L.C. Neves:
Safety Evaluation of Timber Structures through Probabilistic Analysis

[049]     S. Huerta and P. Fuentes:
Analysis and Demolition of Some Vaults of the Church of La Peregrina in Sahagún (Spain)

[050]     V. Ceradini, M. Candela and R. Fonti:
The Role of Solid Springer in Masonry Vault

[051]     B. Szabó, I.N. Kirizsá and L. Vass:
Analytical and Numerical Approach to the Romanian Medieval Church Structures

[052]     G.A. Cundari, G. Milani, G. Failla, F. Nucera and A. Santini:
Two-Step Pushover Analysis of an Ancient Masonry Oil-Mill in the Southern Italy

[053]     A. Anzani, P. Condoleo, A. Gobbo and A. Taliercio:
Modeling the Static Behaviour of a Double Curvature Brickwork Vault

[054]     Q. Collette, I. Wouters, M. De Bouw, L. Lauriks and A. Younes:
Victor Horta’s Iron Architecture: A Structural Analysis

[055]     P. Fajman:
Structural Changes Effect on Deflect of Tower St. Jiri on Prague Castle

[056]     P. Kuklík, P. Duinker and J. Hettinga:
Stability Analysis on the Roof Trusses of the Broumov Group of Churches to Underline Statical Sense of Dientzenhofers

[057]     A. Isfeld and N. Shrive:
Prince of Wales Fort: Structural Wall Analysis

[058]     S. Yamada, M. Araya, M. Fukuda and Y. Iwasaki:
Statistical Time Series Analysis of Crack Movements at Bayon Main Tower, Cambodia

[059]     A. Ahmad and K. Moin:
Stability Analysis of Monument: A Case Study–Safdarjung Tomb

[060]     M. Hejazi and F. Jafari:
Structural Effects of Brick Arrangement and Span Length on Mid-Pointed Arches

[061]     S.G. Hong and W.Y. Lim:
Flexural and Shear Strength of Granite Reinforced by Metal Rods

[062]     C. Algeri, E. Poverello, G. Plizzari and E. Giuriani:
Experimental Study on the Injected Anchors Behaviour on Historical Masonry

[063]     P. Smars:
Kinematic Stability of Masonry Arches

[064]     C. Gentile and A. Saisi:
FE Modeling of a Historic Masonry Tower and Vibration-Based Systematic Model Tuning

[065]     I.N. Doudoumis:
Analytical Modelling of Traditional Composite Timber-Masonry Walls

[066]     I. Caliò, F. Cannizzaro and M. Marletta:
A Discrete Element for Modeling Masonry Vaults

[067]     S. Podestà and S. Parodi:
The Seismic Assessment of the Curia in the Roman Forum through Simplified Models

[068]     R. Ferrari, M. Facheris and E. Rizzi:
Structural Analysis of the Paderno d’Adda Bridge (Italy, 1889)

[069]     E. Rizzi, G. Cocchetti, G. Colasante and F. Rusconi:
Analytical and Numerical Analysis on the Collapse Mode of Circular Masonry Arches

[070]     A. Grimoldi:
The Ancient Reinforced Beams as Model of Consolidation an Example in the Palazzo Pallavicino in Cremona (Italy)

[071]     D. Lazarević, J. Atalić, J. Krolo, M. Uroš and M. Šavor:
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Traditional Column Connections with the Possible Retrofit Concept

[072]     E. Adorni and C. Blasi:
Masonry Analysis Interpretation and Data Archive System

[073]     H.E. Torres Peceros:
Structural Analysis of the Bell Tower of the Basilica De La Merced of Lima

[074]     A. Quinonez, J. Zessin, A. Nutzel and J. Ochsendorf:
Small-Scale Models for Testing Masonry Structures

[075]     M. Varma, R.S. Jangid and S. Ghosh:
Thrust Line Using Linear Elastic Finite Element Analysis for Masonry Structures

[076]     S. Dandria, J. Badalini and D. Penazzi:
Structural Interpretation of “Armate Travi” in N-E Italy through the Historical Treatises

[077]     Y.S. Park, J.Y. Kim, S.I. Hong, D.M. Kim, S.J. Jung and H.S. Kim:
Structural Behavior Analysis of Masonry Stone Pagoda Considering the Inner Construction Types of Stylobate

[078]     G. Bettiol, M.R. Valluzzi, E. Garbin, C. Menichelli, A. Lionello and C. Moden:
Preliminary Studies for the Recovering of the Armstrong, Mitchell & Co. Hydraulic Crane of the Arsenal of Venice

[079]     A. Pipinato, C. Pellegrino and C. Modena:
Structural Analysis of Historical Metal Bridges in Italy

[080]     M. Pizzolato, M. Monti, P. Pigozzi and A. Tralli:
Structural Analysis of the “3Ponti” of Comacchio (Ferrara, Italy)

[081]     A. Marzo, M.R. Grippa, B. Faggiano and F.M. Mazzolani:
Bending Test on Composite Timber-Steel-Concrete Floor Equipped with Innovative Collar Connectors

[082]     M.R. Grippa, A. Marzo, B. Faggiano and F.M. Mazzolani:
Complex Covering Timber Structures in Monumental Buildings: A Study Case

[083]     A. Hellebois, D. De Wolf and M. Provost:
Structural Assessment of the Vaulted Masonry Ice Storage Glacières Royales (1874) in Brussels

[084]     U. Almaç:
Preliminary Observations on the Structural Condition of a Byzantine Monument in Historic Peninsula of Istanbul: Pantokrator Church

[085]     F. Lorenzoni, M.R. Valluzzi, C. Modena, E. Simonato, F. Casarin and A. Lionello:
Settlement Induced Damage Modelling of Historical Buildings: The Bell Tower of the “Basilica dei Frari” in Venice

Seismic Analysis and Evaluation


[086]     A. Erkal, D. Laefer, P. Fanning, E. Durukal, U. Hancilar and Y. Kaya:
Investigation of the Rail-Induced Vibrations on a Masonry Historical Building

[087]     A. Koçak and Z. Kilit:
Restoration and Strengthening of a Historical Structure in Antalya - Turkey

[088]     F. Peña and M. Meza:
Seismic Assessment of Bell Towers of Mexican Colonial Churches

[089]     P. Pineda, A. Sáez and A.J. Martín:
Seismic Hazard and Nonlinear Dynamic Analyses: Avoiding Collapse in Architectural Heritage

[090]     Q. Chun and Q. Zhou:
Strengthening Design of a Business Architecture Built During the Period of the Republic of China in Nanjing

[091]     J. Dulinska:
Evaluation of Dynamic Characteristics of Masonry Arch Bridges: Linking Full-Scale Experiment and FEM Modeling

[092]     G. Yücel and G. Arun:
Istanbul Grand Bazaar Evacuation System Vulnerability Assessment

[093]     A. D’Ambrisi, V. Mariani and M. Mezzi:
Seismic Assessment of a Historical Tower with Advanced Numerical Model Tuned on Ambient Vibration Data

[094]     M. Munari, G. Busolo and M.R. Valluzzi:
Mechanical Analysis for the Assessment of the Seismic Capacity of Masonry Buildings’ Classes in the City Centre of Sulmona (Italy)

[095]     E. Aktas, Y. Didem, A. Turer, B. Erdil, U. Akyuz and G.N. Sahin:
Testing and Seismic Capacity Evaluation of a Typical Traditional Ottoman Timber Frame

[096]     N. Mendes, P.B. Lourenço and A. Campos-Costa:
Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Ancient Masonry Building: An Experimental Method

[097]     L. Binda, C. Chesi and M.A. Parisi:
Seismic Damage to Churches: Observations from the L’Aquila, Italy, Earthquake and Considerations on a Case-Study

[098]     N. Mazzon, C.M. Chavez, M.R. Valluzzi, F. Casarin and C. Modena:
Shaking Table Tests on Multi-Leaf Stone Masonry Structures: Analysis of Stiffness Decay

[099]     S.R. Pashanejati and C. Molins:
Seismic Safety Assessment of the “Tekyeh Amir Chakhmagh” by Simplified Kinematic Limit Analysis

[100]     D. Rinaldis, P. Clemente and G. Buffarini:
Dynamic Behavior of a Historical Building

[101]     N. Claudia and B. Cancino:
Damage Assessment of Historic Earthen Sites after the 2007 Earthquake in Peru

[102]     A. Elmenshawi, M. Sorour, D. Duchesne, J. Paquette, A. Mufti, L. Jaeger and N. Shrive:
On the Dynamic Behaviour of Strengthened Stone Masonry Walls

[103]     M. Golabchi, P. Homami and S.R. Pashanejati:
Seismic Assessment of the Superstructure of the Naghareh Khaneh Edifice after Base Isolation by Simplified Kinematic Limit Analysis

[104]     C.M. Chavez and R. Meli:
Numerical Simulation of the Seismic Response of a Mexican Colonial Model Temple Tested in a Shaking Table

[105]     A. Sextos, K.A. Stylianidis and K. Mykoniou:
Sensitivity of the Seismic Response of Long Medieval Walls to Earthquake and Material Uncertainty

[106]     S. Tachino, S. Yamada, S. Sakurai, M. Araya and Y. Iwasaki:
Study on Relationship between Elastic Wave Profile and Stones’ Condition in Angkor Monument

[107]     S.G. Hong, N.K. Hong and S.Y. Lee:
Hysteretic Behavior of Korean Traditional Wooden Frames

[108]     C. Gentile and A. Saisi:
Dynamic Assessment of the Iron Bridge at Paderno d’Adda (1889)

[109]     I. Senaldi, G. Magenes and A. Penna:
Numerical Investigations on the Seismic Response of Masonry Building Aggregates

[110]     B. Kucukdogan, J. Kubin and A.I. Unay:
Seismic Assessment of Monastery of Stoudios (Imrahor Mosque) in Istanbul

[111]     J. Vargas Neumann, M. Blondety and C. Iwaki:
The Intervention of Earthen Heritage in Seismic Areas and the Conservation Charters

[112]     F. Alemi, P. Homami, M. Golabchi and M. Akbarian:
The Vulnerability Assessment of Historical Masonry Buildings Against Earthquakes by the Modified Equivalent Frame Method

[113]     M.A. Parisi, M. Riggio, C. Tardini and M. Piazza:
Rehabilitation of Timber Structures and Seismic Vulnerability: A Case Study

[114]     F. Sima, P. Roca and C. Molins:
Non Linear Response of Masonry Wall Structures Subjected to Cyclic and Dynamic Loading

[115]     T. Trombetti, C. Ceccoli, G. Gasparini and S. Silvestri:
Seismic Analysis for the Structural Retrofit of “Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana” in Rome EUR, Italy

[116]     S. Caddemi, I. Caliò, F. Cannizzaro, M. Marletta and B. Pantò:
Seismic Vulnerability of the Concordia Temple

[117]     B. Silva, C.Q. Costa, F. Da Porto, M.R. Valluzzi and C. Modena:
Seismic Vulnerability of Historical Structures: Damage State of the Abruzzo (Italy) Churches in the Sequence of the April 2009 Earthquake

[118]     C. Calderini and S. Lagomarsino:
The Behaviour of S. Agostino Church during 6th April 2009 Earthquake in L’Aquila: Vulnerability and Damage Assessment

[119]     G. Croci, A. Viskovic, A. Herzalla, M. Erdik, M. Akdoğan, G. De Canio and L. Antonelli:
Seismic Assessment by Numerical Analyses and Shaking Table Tests for Complex Masonry Structures: The Hagia Irene Case Study

[120]     B. Peng, W.D. Liu and W.B. Yang:
Investigation on Seismic Properties of Load-Bearing Masonry Walls in Chinese Historical Buildings

[121]     A. Abdessemed-Foufa and H. Bendjedia:
Seismic Vulnerability of the Dey’s Palace (Algiers, Algeria)

[122]     R.R. Hu and Y.J. Dong:
Shake Table Test on Rammed Earth Wall Panels

[123]     G. Lucibello, G. Brandonisio, E. Mele and A. De Luca:
Seismic Behavior of some Basilica Churches after L’Aquila 2009 Earthquake

[124]     G. De Felice and A. Mauro:
On Overturning of the Façade in Churches with Single Nave: Some Case Studies from L’Aquila, Italy, 2009 Earthquake

Strengthening Technologies


[125]     T.S. Zhao, L.P. Ding, J.J. Tang, F.Q. Xu and D.B. Li:
Safety Risk Management in the Reformation of Bracket Girder and Cut Column for an Existing Industrial Single-Storey Building

[126]     A. Koçak and T. Köksal:
Investigation of Earthquake Behavior of the Church of St. Sergius and Bacchus in Istanbul/Turkey

[127]     S. Paganoni and D. D’Ayala:
Experimental and Computational Validation of Dissipative Prototype for the Seismic Protection of Heritage Buildings

[128]     K. Flaga and A. Kwiecień:
Efficiency of CFRP Strengthening of Arches Tested by Failure of Historical Building after the Inappropriate Repair Intervention

[129]     A.P. Quiroz, S.T. Sperbeck, H. Budelmann, G. Bartoli and E. Bazrafshan:
Seismic Risk Mitigation of Historical Masonry Towers by Means of Prestressing Devices

[130]     L. Garmendia, J.T. San-José, D. García, P. Larrinaga and J. Díez:
Innovative Strengthening Solution Based on Textile Reinforced Mortar for Stone Masonry Arches

[131]     S.F.J. Pallaré, S. Ivorra, L. Pallarés and J. Adam:
Strengthening Layout Using FRP in Industrial Masonry Chimneys under Earthquake Load

[132]     M. Candela and R. Fonti:
The Grange of S. Anna in Montauro: The Employment of a Particular Steel-Concrete Structure in a Borderline Case of Conservation and Restoration for High Seismic Area

[133]     P.S. Sparks:
Improving Hurricane Survivability of Heritage Structures

[134]     A. Turer:
Structural Evaluation and Strengthening of Zeynelbey Tomb in Hasankeyf, Turkey

[135]     V. Delizisi, M. Axiotidou, I.N. Doudoumis and C. Ignatakis:
Strengthening Proposals for the Trigonio Tower at the City Walls of Thessaloniki

[136]     J.J. Miao, B. Qi and Y.C. Liu:
The Research on the Rust of Reinforced Bar and the Strengthening Measures to the Existed R.C. Frame nearby the Sea

[137]     P. Homami and M. Golabchi:
Stabilization and Strengthening the Foundation of the Two Entrance Gates of the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (PBUH)

[138]     K. Avellan:
Blasting near Old Foundations and Strengthening of Foundation Walls for the Headquarters of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

[139]     A. Kheyroddin, M.H. Saghafi and S. Safakhah:
Strengthening of Historical Masonry Buildings with Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP)

[140]     Y.P. Peng, M. Ma and M.X. Chen:
Study on Effect of FRP Reinforced Manners on Seismic Performance of Concrete Frame Structure

[141]     J. Sena-Cruz, J. Barros and M. Coelho:
Bond between Concrete and Multi-Directional CFRP Laminates

[142]     L. Ferrario, E. Marchina, A. Marini, M. Preti and E. Giuriani:
Lightweight Ribs for the Strengthening of Single Leaf Vaults Undergoing Seismic Actions

[143]     Y. Ouyang and Y. Hu:
Analysis of Strengthening Methods for Retained Exterior Walls during a Structural Retrofit

[144]     Y. Ouyang and Y. Yi:
Retrofitting and Strengthening Design for the Former Yihe Spinner Factory in Shanghai

[145]     B. Kasal and A. Heiduschke:
The Use of High-Strength Composites in the Reinforcement of Timber

[146]     M. Di Croce, F.C. Ponzo and M. Dolce:
Design of the Seismic Upgrading of the Tambour of the S. Nicolò’s Church in Catania with the DIS-CAM System

[147]     M. Carraro, T. Ghedina, A. De Sabbata, C. Modena, F. Casarin and D.M. Benetta:
The S. Marco Church in L’Aquila: Provisional Interventions after the 2009 Abruzzo Earthquake

[148]     W. Raongjant, M. Jing and R. Kerdmongkon:
Behaviors of Historic Masonry Walls Retrofitted with GFRP under Axial Load

[149]     M. Jing, W. Raongjant and R. Kerdmongkon:
Compressive Strengthening of Damaged Historic Masonry Walls Repaired with GFRP

[150]     X. Zhang, S.B. Li and T. Liu:
Retrofitting and Moving Protection for Historical Buildings in Jinan City

[151]     L. Luo, M. Zhao and Y. Liu:
Mortar Replacement Reinforcement Method for Existing Masonry Structures

Rehabilitation and Retrofitting


[152]     J.Z. Xiao, W.G. Li and M.M. Tawana:
On 4R Principle in the Rehabilitation of Concrete Historic Buildings

[153]     A.R. Santhakumar, M.S. Mathews, S. Thirumurugan and R. Uma:
Seismic Retrofitting of Historic Masonry Buildings – Case Study

[154]     E.S.T. Leung, E.S. Yeung and S.W. Chan:
Strike a Balance - Repair or Replace?

[155]     P. Berkowski, G. Dmochowski, M.Y. Minch and J. Szołomicki:
Structural Restoration and Adaptation to Modern Architecture of the Baroque Oppersdorf Palace, Wrocław, Poland

[156]     P. Berkowski, G. Dmochowski, M.Y. Minch and J. Szołomicki:
Revitalization of Historical Building in Wrocław’s City Centre, Poland

[157]     A. Carpinteri, S. Invernizzi, G. Lacidogna and A. Manuello:
Preservation, Safeguard and Valorization of Masonry Decorations in the Architectural Historical Heritage of Piedmont (Italy)

[158]     A. Osman:
Conservation and Preservation of Historical Earthen Structures

[159]     R. Özakin and A. Erdem:
The Protection Problems and Reparations of Ahi Çelebi Mosque in Istanbul

[160]     A. Erdem and R. Özakin:
The Restoration of a Wood-Frame House in Anatolia, the Yakup Ağa Mansion

[161]     B.T. De Oliveira:
Scientific Education and Research Centre of the National Institute for Cancer Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

[162]     F. López-Ulloa:
The Theory and Practice of Restoration in England in the Second Half of the 19th Century: The Work of George E. Street

[163]     I. Kirizsán, B. Szabó and L. Vass:
Interventions on the Gothic Roof Structure of the Nave at the Lutheran Church in Bistriţa (Romania)

[164]     T.L. Priya:
Protecting the Tangible and Intangible Heritage of Rani ki Vav: A Unique Subterranean Step Well in Gujarat

[165]     D. Makay and E. Olosz:
Research, Planning and Interventions Guide for Historic Roof Structures with Baroque Character

[166]     Ö. Cizer, L. Schueremans, G. Serre, E. Janssens and K. Van Balen:
Assessment of the Compatibility of Repair Mortars in Restoration Projects

[167]     W.X. Zhang, P. Chen, D. Zhao and Y.Q. Zhang:
A New Technique and its Application in the Conservation of Historical Masonry Constructions - Underpinning by Manual Pipe-Jacking

[168]     M.M. Ziara:
Structural Rehabilitation of Siad Hashim Historical Mosque in Gaza

[169]     M.R.O. De Marco and B.T. De Oliveira:
Restoration of the Chapel of Padre Faria in Ouro Preto, MG - Brazil

[170]     K. Holschemacher and H. Kieslich:
Retrofitting of Timber Beam Ceilings with the Timber-Concrete Composite Construction

[171]     M. Piazza, M. Riggio, R. Tomasi and I. Giongo:
Comparison of In Situ and Laboratory Testing for the Characterization of Old Timber Beams before and after Intervention

[172]     G.A. Massari, M. Riggio and F. Gadotti:
Respecting the Diversity - The Timber Roof of the “Cannons Loggia” in the Thun Castle (Italy)

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